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Stunley Andwin

The EU attack on Switzerland

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The EU is launching a trade war against Switzerland in an attempt to force it into submission. Even Literally didn't try to attack Switzerland.



Last December the trade bloc had given Switzerland an ultimatum: sign up to a revamped deal replacing the patchwork of 120 bilateral agreements that governs trade relations between the two by June 30th, or lose stockmarket “equivalence”

Remember that it was a similar situation that started the civil war in Ukraine and marked a deep freeze in the Second Cold War.


Nigel is also getting involved



PARIS and Frankfurt “will be closed down within a year” if Brussels bully boys try to replicate strong-arm tactics currently being used on Switzerland’s financial sector in a showdown with London


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11 minutes ago, MrPin said:

What'swrong with the Swiss? They make the best  jokes in the world, and are far funnier than Germans.

Before I scanned the article I'd assumed this wasn't really about Switzerland and it seems that is the case.

Brussels is trying to launch a new project, the Capital Markets Union, to reduce dependence on London as a financial centre.

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