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Wow. GP surgery financial disasters

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It emerged £582,265.65 had gone missing in 327 illicit transactions since their manager was appointed on a £38,000-a-year salary.



This is at my local GP practice. 

Four of the five doctors at the surgery subsequently had to leave or take early retirement as a result of the thefts.

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1/2 million over 18 months and no-one noticed.  That's called negligence in my book.

And over £100k to each of the online betting companies -- they're supposed to ask questions (negligence again).

She'd have been better off if she'd just stolen it -- shows that gambling is bad...

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I can have a good bet on what happened -no pun intended.

Since Gorddy double GPs salaries to 100k, loads - and I mean most of them - have been going part-time.

Now a PT GP is pretty useless, so theyll have put more weight   on the practice manager. Previously, youd have had a couple of senior partners keeping an eye on the money/business side.

But rather than recruiting -and paying - for a manager who can deal with all the shit, they'll have recruited - and paid for - a receptionist.

So youll have someone whos previous job would have been booking appointments, put in charge of an org with quite a lot of money flowing thru.

And no GP overseeing or checking it - too bus spending Gorddies windfall and planning for retirement.

The number of people who can oversee/mnage a busy GOPs is tiny, mainly as GPS are such a bunch of idots to work for.






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