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  2. I read the article and the reason I found it informative was that it highlighted,albeit as you point out,in a non peer reviewed study,the possibility that people who've been vaccinated can catch still catch covid. @Lightscribedid misinterpret what was in it but you can link to peer reviewed studies and misinterpret what's in them.I'd assume that anyone who's read the article and marked the post informative has similarly read the article. You've assumed that I marked Lightscribe's psot informative without reading the article from what I can see. The whole issue of peer review is impor
  3. Quarter of Covid deaths not caused by virus, new figures show I have been waiting for an article like this for ages. Regarding what Boris and Trudeau say, you need to apply the same rules as with the BOE and the FED: They decide what outcome they want and from that they work out the best thing to say to give the highest chance of the outcome happening. I read the British Psychological Society want to take the government to court for exactly this as they are damaging people with their actions. Regarding lockdowns next winter, I see no
  4. hey fatty, stop going to the fridge, or if you cant then move the fridge to the next town and away from the settee by at least a mile.
  5. That's one thing that may stop this madness. They've got only so much runway where they can offer goodies whilst they slowly ratchet up the orwellian nonsense. Maybe the idiocy will subside once QE is no longer an option
  6. sarahbell

    I might give up on gardening

    Bloody hell! 170 allotments is a huge site.
  7. People gotta think for themselves and trust no-one, which most probably won't so there may be chopiness generally as the gaps close. A typical vaccine mutation characteristic is it is more virulent but less harmless than the original. Now when they say a variant is more virulent but does not seem to be more harmful, that's making it sound as bad as possible if that should actually be "less harmful". Not opening a virus discussion, just illustrating the need to be careful. But then if you have been listening to CEOs for a few years, you learn and develop the filter! To quote: It's what the
  8. Last year I thought similar that it was the excuse to kick in relation but has looked like there's more to it for a long while now. Very worrying.
  9. Funny you should say that. Our place, yesterday Travel Update Travel continues to be restricted to business essential only. The information below provides updates on traveling, approval levels and necessary resources that will assist in trip planning. Approval Levels We are returning to previous Corporate Approval Authorities for travel and the COVID restrictions and incremental approval requirements are eliminated.
  10. We used to go skiing in the Lech/St Anton area and I would smile at Zug seeing the ad at the hotel for the international Cardio conference. Is there a society or two the SAGE guys belong to I could join that have nice conferences?
  11. Fuck me dead! Wasn't that the same thing the Ministry of Information put out in 2020? At this rate, we'll never win the war with Oceania.
  12. Exactly right, it is the 'negative vaccine narrative', being promulgated by our (putative?) media that is interesting. After all, previous to this, the media had absolutely no interest in telling us of anything outside of 'the official government line', eg alternatives to 'lockdown' (what a phrase to introduce to the lexicon?), etc... ...hmm, so anyway if vaccine hesitancy/vaccine effectiveness/vaccine danger!! (take your pick, these media story variants/mutations?!? are coming fast and furious) IS THE government line, then as others here have commented, in terms of the thread thesis - th
  13. Iv earned less than i did when i was 29 for the last 20 years at least from paid work .I measure success these days on how much the state gets from me and my family.Iv measured success not on income,but on how long i have to be somewhere getting paid.The thing i always chased as a worker was becoming not a worker.I do now consider the tax allowance though as a maybe.Clown world they have created.
  14. If it gets that far, I'm unsure of what the lag is going to be, but if the savings of the past year start to get splurged then late summer is likely to get hot in more ways than one! Been a long time since we have seen money velocity increase substantially in a short period of time.
  15. Completely agree. I expect there is a battle going on within our state, between the Marxists that want another shutdown, and the career politicians that have an innate sense of self preservation. Could still go either way, I guess. But I don’t see them holding onto another lockdown without another massive cash injection and who holds the purse strings.
  16. That’s ok if people have saveings most don’t
  17. Good points. The other element is that the BK is unlikely to be triggered from within the UK, but the US. The UK follows, not leads. And the US is not going to lock down again this winter: it will be vaccinated, so there will be no hospital pressure this time. Individual states make their own decisions on lockdowns despite Biden's administration toeing the line, significant states like Texas and Florida are fully open with no restrictions and have banned vaccine passports. It could be that your second option is triggered in the US, and the locked down UK gets whacked with it while paying milli
  18. Its looking increasingly likely that I will have to start drawing my first pension (which doesn't trigger MPAA) some time after August courtesy of having worked non stop for the last year, having to shut my Ltd Co, going PAYE and taking a pay cut to boot. So yes I will be pulling money to cover lost income and minimise haemorrhaging what is left to tax but still won't break even and will be bringing in less money than 2017. There comes a point when as a worker you have to give-up chasing the impossible.
  19. NogintheNog, sorry to hear of your own family loss, and I have begun to hear similar stories on radio phone-ins. The alarming thing is that the callers were telling how their relative's death was recorded as covid, despite them not even being tested and of showing no symptoms (like your aunt they had a terminal illness). You say your Aunt was tested, and that she has become part of the figures, but just to be clear can i ask what your Aunt's death certificate had recorded as cause of death, was it the tumour or was it covid? Excuse me asking, but the reason i do so is that these type of s
  20. Vendetta

    Argo Blockchain #ARB

    Still being a laggard. BTC in touching distance of $65k and this is fucking about with a 2% gain.
  21. Remember the state fears mass unemployment more than anything else. The lockdowns are unenforceable without the furlough money. If it gets extended, then we see another shutdown over winter 21/22 No shutdown. Then we get people pulling money out of savings to either spend it in an open market, or to cover costs as they lost their income. And that could be a market crash trigger.
  22. Today
  23. Inflation will decide how long this goes on.Once its over 3% and remains there QE will slow down and then stop.Governments then will be facing a huge structural deficit.Then government will have to hold down spending so inflation can do its work.
  24. You are correct ... my memory is shite these days! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/mar/25/uk-emergency-covid-rules-extended-another-six-months-coronavirus-act
  25. I didn’t say catching it, I said ‘at risk’ which I have amended what I should have said above. That’s my last post on the matter, I’ve have already outlined the point I was making.
  26. They extended the Covid laws in March 2021 for another year. That in itself speaks volumes.
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