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  2. matches of her 'football' team and necklaces of the african variety i assume (involving a knackered firestone 225x50 R17 and a litre of unleaded), maybe the necklaces are made whole by the matches and it isnt about football at all..
  3. OK - here's one for you with her mouth shut - alongside her stirring tribute to part time sports coach and innovative jewellery pioneer, Winnie Mandela
  4. unregistered_guest

    Country Wrist Slashers

    For parody, I'd go for:
  5. leonardratso

    I can't find the good advice thread

    Always save your farts for the lift. Go bloated if you have to.
  6. unregistered_guest

    Where's Jamal?

    So, was he deliberately murdered by his own side in order to frame the good guys; or was he a dangerous intelligence asset which had to be removed - despite the obvious fallout this would generate? Are these the only two options? Apart from the freak accident - could happen to anyone - scenario?
  7. leonardratso

    trans madness

    nay, to feminazi it up a bit.
  8. count yourself lucky, ive been getting up @ 5.30am for years. pigeons like pot? and its warm enough to grow it in your back garden in Durham? amazing, freezing here. I wouldnt be too bothered about the pigeons, they'll probably be full of tab ends, old pizza and vomit from the town center overnight.
  9. unregistered_guest

    Join our Dhimmi army ... Muslim advert

    I think this might be at the root of it. Massive shortfall in recruitment - blamed on the new system - so, put out adverts to an increasingly 'diverse' target audience; rather than examine why 93% of the existing applicants are rejected by the system.
  10. JackieO

    Where's Jamal?

    Backing from bin Talal, Bloomberg and WaPo. Absolute hysteria from the MSM... Yep Deep State push back.
  11. unregistered_guest

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    I'm with Funn3r on this - with some qualification. I am TrollBot hear me rant! The more persuasive arguments (on both sides), of necessity have to be emotive and visceral in order to grab the attention of the people who need to hear them. So: I do not want to see a National Heath Service and educational system, designed for a population of 60 million; stretched and degraded to destruction in order to allow a small number of people to profit from the human misery generated by the growth of the precariat as a social class . I do not want to see a generation unable to afford somewhere decent to live because it is more profitable for the already wealthy to convert family homes to HMOs, accommodating transient workers who can only afford to live here because our generous 'safety net' allows corrupt businesses to avoid paying them a living wage. Obviously neither statement points a finger at 'evil foreigners taking over our jobs and ruining our country'. But, they do highlight the shortcomings of economic and social policies which have neglected fundamental issues related to uncontrolled immigration while benefiting an already wealthy and disproportionately influential minority. Had past governments acted responsibly in these matters, we would not be facing Brexit now. But they chose not to. Remain have been equally emotive in their choice of words. My interpretation of the main arguments, stripped of their loaded language, would be: Brexit will result in the people of the UK being materially poorer without any resulting tangible benefits from leaving the EU. You will be less likely to receive appropriate healthcare in a post-Brexit NHS. The UK's youth will face fewer educational and employment opportunities without EU support. There is an increased possibility of international conflict for which a UK outside of the EU would be ill-prepared for. Each point could be considered independently and debated dispassionately; but it's not going to happen. It's far easier to call people names. [Declaration of disinterest - I didn't get a vote]
  12. unregistered_guest

    Malaysia Bans Import of UK Plastic

    Is there any copper in the ashes, perchance?
  13. Today
  14. spunko

    Malaysia Bans Import of UK Plastic

    My pikey neighbours never put their bins out I noticed. Every week they have a bonfire. Seems they're ahead of the game...
  15. unregistered_guest

    Dosbods secret Santa

    Can I just put it on record that I don't want an artificial moon for my Secret Santa gift? Thanks
  16. unregistered_guest

    New Moon on Monday

    I'm calling BS on this story. I just typed "artificial moon" into Aliexpress, and the only thing that came up was a bunch of LED-powered butterflies.
  17. Perhaps the subtext for us plebs from the MSM is that sometimes our 'betters' need to destroy a few of us if we get too uppity; because they know better, and it's for our own good anyway. To quote moral philosopher Naz Shah on the subject:
  18. Thats actually a very good idea.The prices of food outside of staples is crazy now.Been able to cook from scratch is even more money saving these days.Im starting to think about getting an air rifle for the pigeons that are forever in my garden for the pot.
  19. Well im up at an un-godly hour here,but im not taking it too badly .I keep in my head the fact it means i can have some more firepower going forward.Even in cash terms every 3 months wages equals 1 years spending so even if i did 6 months it would mean i wouldnt need to take anything from my investments for two years or make a shilling from my business,a handy position where we are in the cycle.The pension goes in a worldwide tracker so as soon as the log in arrives il turn that to a cash fund.The only thing i dont like is paying income tax.I could SIPP everything above £12k of course,but im not sure i want to.Might re-consider after 6 months if im still there.Im a forward indicator
  20. unregistered_guest

    trans madness

    Why would they name it after Andy Burnham?
  21. unregistered_guest

    Colonel Blimp announces massive increase in armed services

    Can I interest you in an artificial moon or three?
  22. They do seem to harp on about it. 11 men chewed up and spat out 200 years ago is fu k all. Death and illness were utterly common place then. Childhood deaths huge. Deaths from simple infections enormous. And the unfaceable fact is the comfortable suffering free lives BBC employees and the rest of us live today, the lives that allow us to judge the actions of those 200 years ago and tell the world about it on our mobiles while we grow ever more obese, is for the most part down to the psychopathic ruling elite that were prepared to order the gunning down of 11 working men. And actually they may not even have been pyschopathic.
  23. TheBlueCat

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    Nah, Private Eye has gone full on remoaner sadly.
  24. TheBlueCat

    Malaysia Bans Import of UK Plastic

    Good. I recon 90% of domestic plastic waste is completely unnecessary and could be easily replaced with paper, glass or nothing.
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