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  2. FFS! How many times? The "feed a fever, starve a cold" adage is a figure of speech meaning *encourage* a fever to fight a cold. It's nothing to do with eating.
  3. Gov just issued an alert to keep taking your high blood pressure medication. re covid19 i maintain the 3 co-morbidities that have been seem in all serious hospital cases are obesity high blood pressure type 2 diabeties
  4. The only one of them not overweight is the one who probably has rickets.
  5. Why is that nurse taking a dump on the world? He appears to be shitting on Mexico. Taking revenge on Montezuma probably.
  6. If somebody didn't clap in the national crapathon would anybody not hear it?
  7. Population control by force and facial recognition technology was always going to be problematic in an environment of contagion by proximity and the wearing of face masks...
  8. Perhaps the exceptional talent has suffered at the hands of the regime back β€œhome” and feels threatened, alienated and discriminated against. Perhaps they fear for their life. In those cases it would be morally acceptable to allow them to migrate and make a contribution to the new country. I feel I know a little bit about this, as all the above applies to me.
  9. The laws passed on Tuesday expressly permit leaving your house in order to move house. Parliament has since been dissolved. So any new restriction is being applied without the scrutiny or direction of Parliament.
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  11. Many here would say that, even if they have emigrated, and live abroad. Where do you draw the line?
  12. MrPin

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    I was going to suggest a Henry MR @UmBongo. You beat me to it.
  13. If you have CV self isolate for 14 days on full pay. UK gov has not been to keen to test NHS staff. NHS staff demanding it. NHS staff testing this w/e. My bet is that they are all riddled (how can they not be). Cue NHS staffing crisis to coincide with highest demand. Shit+Fan imminent.
  14. Oh, and... Chips n dips, followed by chicken fajitas (2 large breasts of panic bought expensive farm shop chicken, 3 large onions, three different coloured peppers and a wee sachet of the smoky powder, a pack of salsa/guacamole/sour cream and some white tortillas) then a bit of fruit or whatever- yoghurt, mini milk, whatever. I just had a cup of tea and a biscuit. Been eating quite well recently, tonight was me cooking though. It'll be worms and blades of grass for me by the time June comes and the government throw me a line.
  15. Think we might not see a lot of DOSBODers again until September:
  16. Gah! I was beaten to it! By some margin as well....
  17. If he was playing at night, he was just trying to find out what time it was.
  18. have a look here; i think the google sheets account is still shared and open.
  19. I got up, farted, and went back to bed again.
  20. Cannibalism already, and your own flesh?
  21. Minitrue is struggling with understaffing at the moment.
  22. We don't want their worst, we don't need their average and we shouldn't take their best.
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