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  2. Without Covid the manpower must be massively excessive and if and when Covid is over there should be maybe something like 50/60% redundancies.
  3. Any thoughts on the building materials sector? Specifically brick makers like Forterra plc, Ibstock plc and Michelmerch Bricks, and a COVID recovery play? Ibstock is on my technical buy screen today, and it's certainly taken a hit after reporting first half losses and redundancies. Maybe someone more knowledge than me on company accounts could take a look at their financials?
  4. And we're meant to believe a group of Muppets that aren't capable of doing a bit of shopping?...let alone running a country!
  5. Communism has never had good intentions for anyone, except the ones pulling the strings.
  6. And if you're stuck in traffic you can just put on a DVD or catch up with the latest news.
  7. Cheers @CVG Would you explain a little bit more. How do you go about it? Do you have a preferred provider? Etc. Any other details greatly appreciated.
  8. ****, where is this pullback for precious metals? Wouldn't mind buying a few more but it feels a bit like a crowded trade.
  9. Yes, we manage lock people up for not paying the telly tax but join an evil death cult and declare war on us and you’re home and dry.
  10. my windscreen broke so replaced it with an old 55" curved LED TV fed from a dash cam inserted in the front grill, looks good and saves on wiper blades
  11. To make the assessment of accuracy they must have a separate test that is as good as 100% reliable to compare with. It doesn't seem to say in the article but that must be some sort of blood test that they can be sure is 100% accurate?
  12. Can`t remember what car it` was (pretty sure it was an early Korean flavour) but the dealer tool/kit to remove the cam shaft was a template a hole saw and a rubber grommet ,all for the inner wing
  13. California, 50-60 cops attend a fight between 60-100 innocent spectators
  14. ACTRESS APOLOGIES FOR ACTING!!! FFS Zoe Saldana apologises for playing Nina Simone: 'She deserved better'
  15. You can pop 3600 (you 2880, HMRC 720) into a SIPP each year for each child. I love 720 free money from HMRC!
  16. I've been saying for a while that the world is in the grip of a mass mania/extraordinary popular delusion, similar in some ways to the Witch Mania, the Tulip Mania etc of yore. There are complex reasons for it but the main ones I think are: 1. Inability to accept our own mortality, which has grown exponentially with the decline in religion; 2. A desire for strict societal conformity, which has been largely absent in the west since the 1960s; 3. Instant global communications, social media etc enabling hive-minds to form and rumours to flash round the globe in seconds.
  17. I'm not big on it at all. Just did the 11 plus, scholarship exams and psychometric tests as a kid. My pattern recognition, linguistic and numeric reasoning are all wonderful. Woop di do. Who cares? Only nobbers, generally speaking. But to call me a thick cunt is wide of the mark.
  18. I was once in discussion with a SJW who dismissed IQ tests as culturally biased. "Oh yes" I agreed, they are. "Whites and Asians have much higher average intelligence than Africans, so any test is going to be biased against them." I think I won the argument but lost the shouting match.
  19. That is why I will end it myself before I go into a home. I have told the story on here before about how my dad was dying of cancer, and I wheeled him out of a+e and took him home to die. I will be asking my kids the same of me.
  20. It is total incompetence and they think they are helping which is what makes it worse The problem is only control freaks and second rate people go into politics or the civil service
  21. having worked inside governments, if you think there is some cunning plan, you're smoking crack. governments lurch from panic to panic with ministers and others knowing fuck all except how to knife the next bloke to keep a job.
  22. A similar thing just happened to my 100 year old Gran - she is died a few weeks ago. She was fine at her 100 th birthday in feb and dead by July covered in urine burns etc. What started the journey was a fall and hospitliasation, turned out no borken hip but the hospital put her in a room with covid patients. some how she did not get it and was released back to her care home, where the "carers" and rest of the medical stuff actually told my Antie she had come home to die - and that is exactly what she did thanks to their non existant care and limiting familiy access due to covid,. The UK has become a very very scarey place and I only see standing up to (not protesting but actual violence against elected and senior officals) as the way out now, not saying I am going to do it but collectively that is our only hope
  23. A good tip is to take a pic with your phone of every stage to avoid those annoying 'where the hell was this bit supposed to be' moments.
  24. In Hong Kong I took great pleasure in reminding my wife that each kid was about double her in terms of tax deduction rate.
  25. I used to work with a bloke with a IQ 150 (I thought it was a motorbike). Big on MENSA blah blah blah. Brought in all the tests and let us do them to prove his superiority. All scored lower than him except for me, I don't know what I scored, he refused to tell me or discuss it, he just went off and sulked😁 I assume it was so low that he didn't want to embarrass me, or, on the other hand............
  26. gorgeous, but she knew she was fit. that's -5 to the score.
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