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  2. Bad start to the day

    I had a nice moment this morning. I was walking into the office along the Thames in the beautiful sunshine, listening to the best happy hardcore that 1994 had to offer, feeling extremely cheerful. I got to Ludgate circus I must have been unconsciously dancing a little bit while waiting at the lights, because a pretty girl with a beaming smile stepped in front of me, really close, eye to eye and danced with me for about 15 seconds. The light turned green and the crowd moved on and we went our separate ways without a word, just a laugh and a wave. A moment of shared joy with a random stranger gave me a real lift. Probably be on the next season of some candid camera show, edited so I look like a twat.
  3. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    This. The problem is stopping it impacting on the productive sector. Comedy or not, why not give it a go? I do a bit of errr... outreach stuff (please don't hit me) for A Level science and maths students. And I teach business ethics when I do it. It's great seeing their spotty little faces light up when their mind gets blown. So not all things that aren't 'hard' maths or science are useless. I give them a list of topics to discuss and we get through 2-3 in 90 minutes, they do the talking, I just lob grenades in. Last one started with AI. My first question 'who would buy something from a robot?' garnered a universal response of 'no' from the class. Then I asked who used Amazon.... You get some really smart kids, gives me some faith. One of the other things I talk to them about is organisational structure. I like to get them leaving thinking it's a really bad idea to want a boss (which most of them do). What's become clear to me from doing this is that for most people at work the boss is a replacement of their parent.
  4. Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Young males are desperate for adult male role models. Jordan Peterson is one of the few mature male role models available to the young male thinker. When the So-Called BBC etc. attack, you know he is winning
  5. Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Fuck that's a brilliant idea. Sorry I didn't think of that actually. I'll love to run something, preferably legal, to skim a load of money from SJW types and Feminists.
  6. Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    It's the same tools that they used on that article by Morrisey the other day. Anyone with half a brain can see how they're trying to manipulate.
  7. Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    There was a Ponzi scheme that targeted women some years back. Called 'Women empowering Women' or some such bullshit. Many victims talked female friends and family into investing their life savings. When it burst, some of the more persuasive of the victims were forever shunned by the women that had lost £huge.
  8. Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    I noticed that. It's also a misunderstanding (like Cathy's lobsters) about what he is actually saying. Peterson's message is not that the most important thing is that we should stand up straight or clean our rooms, it is that change cannot be effected without self discipline and that we should sort our own problems out before attempting to help others. Gandhi is thought to have put it a similar way: 'be the change that you want to see in the world'. I somehow don't think the So-Called BBC would call Gandhi's advice 'quaint'. The article also has a lot of subtle BBC putdowns, linking Peterson to all sorts of dodgy ideas and causes without directly saying he is part of them.
  9. Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    I can't remember where but JP was accused of peddling cheap "populism". His reply was something along the lines of "No one would have guessed, least of all me, that a message of: 'stop whining, take responsibility for yourself and grow the hell up' would resonate at all with the youth of today, let alone be wildly popular."
  10. Behind the mask

    I'd have thought that Benny Hill was asexual rather than gay.
  11. Bad start to the day

    If you had put some feelers out beforehand, it could have been turned into a dosbods outing
  12. We can still have the debate which is needed and then take the steps required to save ourselves from anything awful. ^ Posted before but it's relevant, and important.
  13. Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    this caught my eye The book itself is a mix of science, psychology, and quaint advice, like "stand up straight", and "tell the truth". FFS, isn't that the type of advice that has been passed down through generations? Only the fucking BBC could see telling the truth as 'quaint' Only the duplicitous could say that with a straight face.
  14. Cancelling Sky vs Kodi / Covenant

    No, there is only one Wonder Woman.
  15. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    Top post. Education at all levels were full of eccentrics. They were the ones you learnt from and who you remembered. Sadly, government have worked very hard to weed these people out and it is now infested by suits with powerpoints. Talking bollocks in the main.
  16. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    Well ...... someone has to pay for all this. And your quote ' I first learned about wee hours circuit design at MIT in the 1970s. There was a subculture there that loaded up on pizza, soft drinks, and junk food, took it all into the lab, and closed the door until long after daylight. I was an enthusiastic convert. ' This is about autodidacticism , a self learner. The lecturers and the faculties input to the process was bothing more than buying stuff of farnell and p[aying the utilities. Did the faculty earn their tenure on this? Nope.
  17. I'm coming more to the view that this is the eventual outcome. Kicked off the land because we have appropriated it illegally. Thing is they are bonkers enough to try and get this to fly....They have already started with the 'cheddar man was black' story.
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  19. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    It shouldn't be the university's job to make sure graduates earn whatever money or get whatever job. How can they control that? The only way that happens is if the university has some sort of training scheme agreement with companies - and then why doesn't the company do it themselves. University has now just become an extension of fucking school. League tables need to be banned and student intake needs to be dropped by 90%. It would be great if universities did go back to being a place where the lecturer could be an eccentric who smoked a pipe, worked in an office looking like gandalfs library, played with electronics in the lab until 2am, and went down the pub at lunchtime. Maybe that is an extreme romanticised view, but we all know that universities used to be a place where oddballs like that would exist.These days lecturers are basically secondary school teachers. I remember reading an application note by Jim Williams - an analog circuit designer about how he used to work on circuits. In it there's a quote about his time at university: from Any element of that subculture definitely doesn't exist these days. And there's just too many students to even allow it to develop Engineering degrees these days are littered with bullshit management modules and really there is no creativity or self-learning until maybe the final year project, after 2 and a half years of being spoonfed basic stuff you should just learn yourself in a textbook. Even the final year project isn't that creative anymore really for most of them. 90% of the students shouldn't be on the course and are just panicking over whether their grade will get them onto some graduate scheme. University is marketed on all the 'extra-curricular' activities like rag and student elections and being shitfaced and vomiting before 7pm. The standard and quality of all courses, the standard of future academic researchers, literally everything possible would go up dramatically if you had 20 students instead of 200. Lecturers could easily incorporate their research into the teaching with this number. As it is its just pointless.
  20. IMO the best case scenario is an eventual balkanisation of the UK following some form of civil war. We can't go on importing millions of unproductive people in the way we are. The worst case is total collapse with native Britons having only two choices, stay and be killed or leave. Something like South Africa or Rhodesia.
  21. Vertigo Politix did something which sounds very similar : Bitchute link for when YouTube remove that video, they have already shut down two of Vertigo Politix's channels...
  22. The more I think about it the more I think it's a choice between being way more active with deportations and incentives to leave, and civil war. I'm not keen on either but it's easy to see which is the least of the two evils.
  23. Black pigeon speaks did a good video on this about the way slavery and ww2/holocaust have been engineered as our civilisational foundation mythos. They need to keep the history of it alive as if it was relevant to the present day. I get bored and irritated by it but it clearly does its job on a large proportion of the population.
  24. Mentally it's the same attitude as that refugees welcome woman who was raped by a refugee and didn't report it because she didn't want to appear racist. These people would rather the entirety of western Christian civilisation collapsed than that they should be thought to be 'racist' or 'nazi'.
  25. Yeah. Its nuts. Or make work scheme for public sector. Other countries illegal immigrants process is pretty straightforward - they are caught, locked up, kicked out. Im trying to push for a a fix fine for employing illegals. All business have a registered/liable person. Fined 10k for each illegal. Anyone employing an illegal without full citizenship is kicked out - and their dependents too.
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