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  2. This kind of shit makes me wonder wtf else is really going on. Even Mr XXX y has gone quiet.
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  4. Sounds like you need a wagon, the Passat or Skoda Superb have good mpg and would fit the bike easily I imagine: https://www.carbuyer.co.uk/skoda-superb-estate-review-pictures the Volvo V60 Crossover is a bit over budget new but good cars Might be better to buy one a couple of years old as depreciation is high on these
  5. I haven’t owned a car since I moved to Canada 11+ years ago. Instead I’ve used Zipcar and, for longer periods, rental cars. COVID has made this a lot harder as, first off, I don’t want to get into cars that may not be entirely clean (big problem with Zipcar specifically) and second, the Zipcar service is getting worse and worse as they’re obviously bleeding cash. So, time to step back into the world of owning motors. Requirements: Must be big enough to get a bike in the back without needing to take a wheel off. 4wd - no way it’ll get in and out of the lane at the back of my house in
  6. yes, there is. wisdom teeth. but the bleeding hearts said it was racist and demeaning not to trust the words out of the mouths of the 'children'. So you are not allowed to test. The British dental association actually came out against the test.
  7. The Euphoria album was perfection. I think this is probably the best trance track ever made. It is perfection. This was the "house tune" of Peach @ Camden Palace and brought the proverbial house down. They'd "hint" bits of it all night and finally drop the tune quite late. Such good times.
  8. On a serious note, is there really no way to determine somebody’s physical age to within, say 3 years? I mean, properly medically prove it? No biological indicators or some such the same way trees have rings? It seems crazy that medicine can’t determine the difference between a 15 year old and a 40 year old
  9. Wales is going to be decimated after this is over, not that there was much economic activity there beforehand. I wonder how many amazon shares drakeford and his cronies have?
  10. if you wait another couple of years it'll be under the documentary section.
  11. Read it all. Don't know whether to believe any of it. He is either super smart and connected, or a complete fantasist. Er well me actually.
  12. if I had a daughter at such a school and one of these adult immigrants raped her, I would hold responsible the headmaster and some of the teachers. They would be directly responsible for the crime as much as if they threw a cat to a pack of dogs.
  13. I've spent this evening listening to this podcast from Mike Yeadon, hosted by James Delingpole, long, but worthwhile. I don't think it has been posted on here, but perhaps I've missed it. Clearly he knows his stuff, but the element that I found interesting was his assertion that there would not be a second wave, at least not with a Gompertz curve. He suggested that the only second wave of a virus in history was the Spanish flu and that this was due to the mass movement in people rather than any inherent nature of viruses. I guess this doesn't rule out a seasonal ef
  14. It was ok. Meat colored after cooking. We reck its the supermarkets seconds as the skin was pale in parts. Succulent. This dish with boiled chicken was a good test. Normally a bit dry. This wasnt. Unfortunately not a regular buy according to my wife. Cornfed was going at about 15kg a kilo.for breast at Morrisons this evening...of course...full colour..nah.
  15. Get it down yer. Chances are there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. Having said that I buy all my meat at a farm shop. One week stop by and pet the pigs, the next week no pigs in the pen and we buy pork. They have goats roaming around all over the place as well, fuck knows what they're eating but they make a surprisingly nice curry.
  16. Mr xyx or whatever gets up when his wife tells him. Docile cunt. I work in these environs and get up 5am isk my neighbours must hate me
  17. ‘V got Vendetta’...... never heard of it but sounds interesting. Might give it a go one day.....
  18. https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/2019/01/can-earthquakes-trigger-volcano-eruptions-heres-science/amp
  19. They dont understand it. You have to use terms they hate like excluded, assault, harrasment, failing duty of care etc. Etc. That's the language they understand. We had an incident last year, my youngest, ginger Mellie got kicked and called a ginger cunt. This is primary. After I calmed down and my wife talked me out of going to see his dad I called the head, very leftist, inclusive teacher woman, and said there was a pattern of behaviour consistent with harrasment that had led my son to be excluded and if there was another incident I'd have to call the police. She absolutely shit h
  20. Whatever system you put in place will get subverted by humans to get smokes and drugs. I tell you one way you change things. You make the chief exec of each councils pay tied to a number of 'life skills; ratings for people on benefits in their area. Audit teams choose 100 randos on benefits every month. Visit them at home. Tests of: i) is the bathroom clean, kitchen clean, animals well looked after, clothes washed ii) can the household cook a meal using fresh ingredients iii) can all adults in the household add and multiply single numbers together accurately i
  21. https://www.nature.com/articles/ngeo2796 https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/science-environment-37350839
  22. What is he running away from in The Gambia to claim asylum? A wrinkly,horny, British granny?
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