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    Curry thread

    I make a home made curry at least once a week. The key to success, in my opinion, is to finely chop or grate onion, garlic and ginger then let them simmer gently in butter with a little oil. I have a multi fuel stove and if I’m at home I’ll sit the pan on a trivet on top of stove for an hour or so but at least ten minutes is fine. Next step is to add spices of choice and let it all simmer again then add preferably marinaded meat or veg and simmer again then finally stock, tomato pasatta/purée, coconut milk or whatever until meat is cooked. Curry always seems to taste even better if made the day before eating.
  3. Like i said normal will always be relative ,no one can honestly believe they would see them both doing the 9 to 5 thing, which is what i think some are using as a bench mark for normal I would bet on him carrying on with the invictus games and such
  4. My grandad's uncle from 1890s. Mayor of Huntingdon. He has an important "stick of power".
  5. Agreed, bit they will chose one of the wimmin anyway. Because sexism. I reckon it will be Long Bailey. 10/10!!
  6. Keir is the least worst option for them now.. they could do with shedding a few more female candidates so it doesn't look like "out of six five candidates they chose the only bloke because sexism". At least if they cut it down to three candidates it looks "fair" if/when he wins.
  7. Hopeful


    The others don't look as if they are able to even think where they would like to be
  8. They're not voting against the system by voting for the Tories, the Tories are part of the system. They think they're voting for change but they're voting for more of the same.
  9. He's had a privileged upbringing but he wants to jettison that, but then again he doesn't, because if he dose he won't keep Meghan. @satch summed it up, no nead for me to rewrite it. I've read and seen very little of the MSM coverage, I don't have a TV. But she screams NARC. I grew up caught between a narc and a co-d. I've seen it and got the t-shirt. I don't think I'm wrong on this one.
  10. After hurling racist abuse she now, typically, tries to portray herself as a victim. "Lecturer says she faced online abuse after Question Time clash with Laurence Fox" Hands up anyone on here who has not had online abuse? .
  11. Come on they are never going to be normal like we see normal does anyone really think they are going to see them doing the 9 to 5 thing
  12. Have you tried The Last Of Us or any of the Uncharted series? The Last Of Us is probably one of my favourite games. Gameplay trailer of the new one, out in May IIRC: Go to 3:50
  13. We will have to wait and see ,as for his wife nothing new there millions do the same every day He will always be privileged ,and there are very few in this world that would not take advantage of that if given the same chance I suspect he just want`s out of the shit show that destroyed his mother ,will it work who knows, i suspect he doesn't even know but he`s giving it ago so good luck to him As for narc you may be right but i suspect you are making that judgement from the picture the MSM paint ,which always have agenda,and very rarely report it as it is
  14. Normal Life. Sure, the SussexRoyal, Duke and Duchess, Meghan and Harry want a normal life and have started off this new normal life in Canada with this in mind. Canada being a temporary place to live until Trump is no longer POTUS and then they will move to LA; just like normal people would do. In the meantime they will live rent-free in a £11million house; just like normal people do. They will continue to take private jets to have free holidays with Elton John, the Clooneys et al; like normal people do. They will just about manage to scrape by on a £2.3 million a year ‘spends’ handout from Daddy; like normal people do. They will continue to fuel the deep rift in Meghan’s family; probably the most normal thing they are doing.
  15. The only problem with not understanding is you end up with unfocused anger that can be manipulated easily and effectively. Look at how easily we could go to "It's white people's fault you're skint/starving"
  16. Gee who would have guessed that ...
  17. Agreed most people dont understand,but they dont need to,they just need to be fed up.We are seeing a revolution in front of us.The Tories took Blyth Valley and Redcar.They took where i live for first time ever by 8000 votes. People are voting against the system.Politics is following the macro as it always does.Interesting years ago and ordinary people go to war with the left.
  18. He wants his cake and eat it He could easily be normal. Just go and get a job. i manage. People would soon forget about him and lose interest in the ginge on the checkout. But he doesn't want people to forget about him. He wants his privileged version of normal. The version his narc wife wants.
  19. 2020 - 25 = 1995. 1995 + 5 = 2000 - Primary 1995 + 18 = 2013 - Uni 1995 + 22 = 2017 - Start work in Momentum.
  20. BoSon

    HS too much

    By the time they open it for use they'll have taxed the cars off the roads in pursuit of forcing everyone to leccy cars before the infrastructure for that is properly fit for purpose, and technology will mean people don't need to physically travel except for rare occasions. Fully immersive Matrix style VR for holidays and site seeing or visiting relatives, WFH, death of the high street, younger generations already 'indoor cats' which will eventually lead to home education via remote teaching, no pubs or social entertainment further than walking or cycling distance (another side effect of taxing and inadequate local transport in the pursuit of 'green'), all foods delivered ... the only major traffic will be commercial. They may as well run the lines up the motorways and bring back the freight hubs to reduce reliance on HGVs. If they do proceed with this nonsense, I hope they at least make it sci-fi approved, such as Musk's hyperloop transport in a tube. They don't need to purchase the land then, just run the tubes above it. Traditional train tracks are so 19th century, where's the maglev that ironically seems to have first commercially appeared in Birmingham in the 80s. We're going backwards!
  21. Interest rates will likely go lower first,then stay flat for 18 months then slowly creep higher.We could see 3% by 2024 and 12% by 2026.Its late in the cycle rates will explode higher i expect.
  22. They're not though. In my circle people understand how the Government and banks are trying to enslave us all. They are a tiny minority. The 99% are either thick or just can't put the jigsaw together. Many know that things aren't right, that life is shit, that your salary buys nothing, but they don't understand why, how it's come about. We are a long way from revolution. People will not revolt until their bellies are empty. It needs to get a lot worse yet and I hope it does. I'd personally love to see the country on fire as in my view it cannot be rebuilt until major destruction has taken place first.
  24. £2.5 millon from the Duchy of Cornwall so they say ,do you really think he could ever be able to achieve normal in the sense we see normal ?,i think it`s all relative,he just wants off the bandwagon he`s on
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