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  2. If anyone thinks paying £2k for a dog is sensible, I have a Dyson hair curler you might be interested in..
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  4. Exact same one I buy.. think you’ll be happy with it. It’s slightly less sweet than real sugar so you will need to adjust accordingly.
  5. Karen is an anti-white slur. We need "Karen's" anyway, they're the reason standards are maintained, looking at the world Is say we've never needed "Karen's" more. They're just middle class white women who care.
  6. You know something stinks to high heaven when the countries health minister is openly telling the public to pretend they have a disease that they don't have. Doing that is an actual mental illness.
  7. Boris seems to have a certain modus operandi.. his skill is in being able to pick good people to advise him, he then generally follows that advice and does his charming clown routine as and when his leadership role requires it. The only mistake I think he’s made is in putting his trust in Whitty and generally pandering to the pensioners throughout the Covid pandemic. Such a shame after how well he navigated Brexit to die on that hill.
  8. It's porage Mr @ccc. As the family grows, you just add more water. (Old Scawtish joke)
  9. Immigration Incoming Biden administration to migrant caravan: Don't come, you won't get in immediately "The situation at the border isn't going to be transformed overnight," a senior Biden transition official told NBC News in an exclusive interview. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/immigration/incoming-biden-administration-migrant-caravan-don-t-come-you-won-n1254550
  10. Obviously I don't like the deliberately unwashed, but obsessive handwashing is a compulsive ailment, that is apparently to be encouraged. Maybe counting baked beans in the tin should be encouraged. I always wonder whether there is an odd or even number. You don't get this problem with eggs, which are sold in even numbers.
  11. Senator Amy Klobuchar criticises Trump pardon picks. Outgoing President to issue pardons to 100 people but not likely to pardon himself, or family members, according to CNN. Trump to issue around 100 pardons and commutations Tuesday, sources say By Jeremy Diamond, Kevin Liptak, Jamie Gangel and Pamela https://edition.cnn.com/2021/01/17/politics/trump-pardons-expected/index.html
  12. isn't that the rub though pinny? I remember being shocked at some of the tales I heard in the 90's re people under 30 borrowing huge sums on credit cards and loans and spunking it up the wall in a club in Ibiza. A massive change from my university and early work years.
  13. Advert on during the game last night for a new Sky "special" with Micah Richards coming soon. Topic ? The rise of racism and homophobia in football. Wtf There's nobody at the games FFS.
  14. Oh, I remember the Thatcher years. You lived month by month. Hard to save and virtually impossible to borrow. I had a good time though. It was all living in shared rentals with almost no possessions. A bit like a monastery or Judge Dredd.
  15. Haven't seen that but it sounds vaguely similar to Last Night which is a nice low key movie https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0156729/?ref_=fn_al_tt_3
  16. Well love her or hate her, and i grew up in Rotherham in a mining family, so i've seen all of it. But can any of our current political class get anywhere near the nuance of this from 1976. A free enterprise system is a necessary but not a sufficient condition. There is only one economic system in the world, and that is capitalism. The difference lies in whether the capital is in the hands of the State or whether the greater part of it is in the hands of people outside of State control. Where there is State capitalism there will never be political freedom. Where there is priva
  17. Sometimes the staff bring it back again though. My wife purchased a jigsaw puzzle at one a few weeks ago with two of the pieces missing.
  18. MrPin


    No, you are thinking of Romulans.
  19. Corbyn did. He had to shag a caribbean munter in the shape of Diane Abbott instead of blonde east german girls.
  20. In 1947 I had milk twice a day, cod liver oil, malt and Ministry of Food orange juice (which was horrible) every day in primary school. Mind you, food was on ration. No sweets or chocolate, never saw a banana in those days. That is why I detest Corbyn and lefty scum complaining about so-called austerity. They never experienced it.
  21. Telegraph have dug up an interesting stat today.. Apparently 1 in 8 recovered Covid patients dies within 5 months anyway. Tells you something about the age/vulnerability profile that isn’t often discussed in the MSM..
  22. I'm sure the charity shop workers get the option of grabbing some of the "good stuff". Generic old guitars aren't usually worth much. Cash Converters, or similar will give you a reasonable price for them. Much easier than EBay.
  23. Happy to say (as someone who was deceived by Blair in his early years pre-2000, to my shame) that Johnson has never deceived me. Anyone trusting Boris for anything apart from following his own self-interest will end up disappointed, he’d sell his grandmother if required. Unfit for high office unless you call appearing on HIGNFY high office, he’s ok at that.
  24. He will introduce a one child policy.... one at a time please!
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