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  2. Ultimately In 2019 they'll be whatever you want them to be if if it'll win your vote. The problem is they might not be convincingly that at the moment - just a little hint here and a little hint there on any subject - but it can eventually get out of control and before you know it who knows who might end up being in control of the party. That applies to the other main parties as well.
  3. According to the article the money's going to some foodbank charity she uses, not into her pocket, so I guess somebody realised about the £16k limit as well. Or she could just be a genuinely generous person who wants to help others, I make no judgement.
  4. No wonder the clown world meme has taken off. The ridiculousness has increased rapidly the last 10 years.
  5. I`ve been in debt many times & penniless a few more. I have always managed to navigate my way through life and do it without using anyone. It took me a while to sort myself out after meeting a few freeloaders over the years though. The thing is I have been able to spend time in many other countries even when short of funds. I met many different people of many different nationalities from whom I learned so much. Like who to trust and who to avoid. I have a few grand in the bank and a few sovs for emergencies plus I own my house. I am not what I consider educated in the way of finance or do I have the patience or long term visions that many appear to have on this forum. One thing I have going for me is independence something that many never realise in their lifetime. One thing I do observe from some posters here is a real fear (it is almost palpable) of losing accumulated wealth that has been built up over some time. I have never felt that and consider it something toxic to the soul. I read about people on here with (to me) fortunes, yet they are living in some fear. it seems paradoxical that free thinkers can feel that way.
  6. Two. First ex is now deceased and I was divorced from the second one over 20 years ago. Both my kids are from second ex. There will not be a third marriage therefore no subsequent divorce No suitable available men (for me and what I look for in life) in my area so I’ve used a plug in electric vibrator if I feel like getting off. I’ve met loads of nice men over the years who would suit me but they’ve all been in decent contented relationships Whether I’d suit them is unknown! I frequently went on coffee dates etc with single available men when my kids got older up until about 10 years ago. Gave up and went solo.
  7. About four people beat you too it.
  8. He discovered bucky balls {edit: wrong}. He was an amazing guy who invented dymaxion cars, the dymaxion map and geodesic domes (the one that was really adopted), amongst much else. Utter genius. His original idea for geodesic domes was for instant housing - a Zeppelin would drop a small bomb, creating a hole on which a geodesic dome would be dropped, creating an instant (solar heated) home. His geodesic dome was designed to be able to be constructed by a single person by hand. His book Critical Path is the best history book I've read (although I haven't read many ) {edit: wrong about the bucky balls, but buckminsterfullerene is close/the same (?) and was named after him:}
  9. That’s the end of her UC for a long time £16 k capital limit After a big party, holiday and a few bets she’ll be skint again but with no more benefits Deprivation of capital will hit her real hard
  10. My mum voted for Steptoe last time around due to the dementia tax. She’s back to voting Tory this time as are most of her friends. It won’t make any difference though as she already has a Tory MP and lives in one of those places where the conservatives could put Osama Bin Laden up as their candidate and still win.
  11. Is that the inventor of bucky-balls, will have to look them up as I can't remember what they were or for, lubricants per-chance?
  12. Hopeful

    Climate Change

    The point you start the video is the usual quoted trope ALWAYS is a fallacy, it's predictable and laughable to see time and time again by those who want to argue against mmgw Solar input is considered the driver of the ice ages over the last 800k years, CO2 is a feedback mechanism, it lags a change in temperature. No climate scientist or global warming advocate would deny that fact. It's a given and doesn't need saying. Carbon dioxide drive temperature up and down through +ve and -ve feedback, Additions of carbon dioxide by changes in biology or volcanic inputs, or now MMGW which is the same as increasing volcanism. But to say carbon dioxide ALWAYS precedes temperature is a fallacy. It is an argument put up to be shot down, to be able to say "Hah, see, Carbon dioxide lags temperature, it's irrelevant". The nuclear isn't on the plane Ahh, @Heffalump beat me to it
  13. Depends who you are putting up with or caring for. If you are doing it on one income it could be purgatory and probably saving the state a fortune in single person bennies of various descriptions..
  14. AIUI, the nuclear plants are on the ground, used to produce hydrogen to fuel the planes. Buckminster Fuller also proposed a global hydrogen grid, fuelled by solar power mostly in Africa.
  15. Aw, the story has a happy ending: .......unless you're bothered about the mental capacity of your fellow citizens and their ability to eff up this country.
  16. James Lovelock, author of The Gaia Theory and interesting independent (no EU [edit: or any other HE] funding) UK scientist, is a big fan of nuclear power, and used to go as far as advocating using the Amazon as a nuclear waste dump. Since he said that, the Chernobyl wildlife haven seems to have backed him up.
  17. There used to be a UK police blogger called Nightjack, who was outed about 10 years ago and stopped writing. He wrote an article called " A survival guide for decent folk " which is still all over the internet. Interesting reading.
  18. Its not an aeroplane dear, its a small nuclear reactor, a bit like a portable generator (but not portable). They use huge amounts of electricity to produce enough hydrogen to liquify and put in the aeroplane like petrol.
  19. they have one on the ground to create fuel for the one in the air
  20. It's ok. They were made from her ribs. She does like killing future turtles via plastic surgery though. Also, an article I just saw while trying to explore the rib myth said "I like helping younger women be less afraid of getting closer to death,” beams Jane Fonda" By talking about climate change, I guess.
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