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  2. That would be a drop in quality of life for them, therefore it will not happen.
  3. Which means law enforcement can pull the gloves off on them. They can also fully access their phones and computers to see who they are interacting with, what they are planning and where the funding is coming from.
  4. Racism. I’m not particularly racist, but I understand when people are suspicious of ‘others’ and particularly when older people are nostalgic for simpler times. An intolerance of the intolerant is the fundamental flaw of SJW fuckwittery.
  5. A lot of these places are about to become available in university towns. Soon to be re-purposed as fat slag sleeper units; their fucking hideous half-breed children can sleep on the bog. And the fucking rest!
  6. True, but you seem to have it in for the office boy when you should know by now how they operate. I'm not furloughed and while it pains me to see them kick the can yet again and impoverish my children, Sunak really had no choice.
  7. Saul of Better Call Saul had to do it as part of his community service order; the least the feckless fatty benefit junkies could do to contribute to the society, from which they take so much.
  8. GBDamo

    Escape from LA

    God what a whiney cunt.
  9. Furlough gave companies a cheap (free) alternative to redundancies, in case there was a ‘bounceback’. That’s increasingly unlikely now, and the requirement to start contributing toward the furlough will fire the sackings start gun. Fasten seatbelts folks, turbulence ahead!
  10. Just don't get that either. I do like Country and Western, Bluegrass and Jazz though.
  11. lid

    Escape from LA

    Would really like to see some Antifa skulls cracked, they've had it coming
  12. Attention from females is something I don't get.
  13. Similar to the op, but peole using the prime minister's wage as some sort of top level. I actually think getting c140k for running the country is too low. And yes I know they will get other benefits when they finish and they don't have a mortgage etc. No doubt I work with some people who would be on this wage that aren't running anything and they're knobs.
  14. This is what my brother is doing. He is still getting the 20% top-up from his employer too.
  15. Grey Dunn's caramel wafers tasted better. Unfortunately after being taken over by Rowntrees, then Nestlé they stopped making them. "Grey Dunn's caramel wafers make a cuppa go down a treat"
  16. Not for my tat-purveyor employer. I go back tomorrow.
  17. protests starting here now
  18. You have to combine two or more to get the real Mojo. Arnold Schwarzenegger with bagpies. Eating avocado with chopsticks while bungee jumping. etc.
  19. Fuck off it’s my ambition to go on some form of social but work keeps geting in the way
  20. Normally there’s PILON (Pay In Lieu Of Notice) as part of the redundancy calculation. However you can spend your notice period on furlough at the expense of the taxpayers and you’re cheaper to sack! What’s not to like (if you’re a finance director)?
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