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  2. I knew a couple years ago top of bank rhb. Did b&b. A couple staying one night pissed all over the new and expensive mattress. Why would you bother?
  3. ^ Eco-loon interviewed in post directly above.
  4. One thing ive seen olenty but these airbnb are being dumb about is massive trashing dirty protest. Rent out a place, cleaner goes in and ..... everything is trashed smashed, shit smeared over walls.
  5. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
  6. That woman is little more than a grade A cultural Marxist cunt. She swans around like a little shit in the school playground who knows the school bully... in this case, the bully is George Soros. When he grow tired of her we can all metaphorically kick the shit out of her.
  7. How many air miles does he have?
  8. He is such a radical. Twat.
  9. check out the owen jones thread, they love him on there.
  10. My lodger has to beat women off with a shitty stick and I mean from 17-45 but he is a bit handsome Iโ€™m told if he goes on tinder or the internet he could easily get 5 plus women ask for a shag I donโ€™t mean date I mean guaranteed shag in a given night I know has Iโ€™ve seen the pics they send him it stuns the girls at work has he is a bit like me very blaza so far he has fucked 3 girls off nights Iโ€™ve had 2 but I should get bonus points for fucking his mum Here is my lodger he realy makes an effort and smells very nice so say the girls
  11. Surprised no-one posted this smug twat:
  12. Or offensive to hippos.
  13. Sounds unlikely. Until you see it with your own eyes. Forty something woman, a 7 in work, but a credible 8 when fully tarted up. Four separate regular sexual partners aged from 28 to 64, plus her husband. Initially I was sceptical, but over time, having seen them pick her up, or seen her out with them, and been shown her phone with stuff on it, (texts not pics), it's genuine. She's not even on Tinder.
  14. Diane Abbott is hardly one of the plebs. Edit. What happened to the autocorrect?
  15. George Orwell was right, they do this sort of shit at work as they have a points system for dobbing rule breakers in. Big brother loves it when the plebs snitch on each other and I for one never lower myself to such levels. No doubt Abotts apology will be quietly accepted, now if it was Boris Johnson (or similar) it would be resignation material.
  16. I get lots of women who sound similar contacting me via dating sites... looking for affairs.... They have materially everything they want... most importantly the house in the right location and of the right size... the car and the holidays... but they claim to no longer love their husbands... and no longer sleep in the same bed (sure)... and just feel lost or flat or something that they cannot describe... So they want a fling. Very blatant about it. But they all say that they have no intention of leaving their husband... because they would lose the nice house in the nice location and the lifestyle.... So, incredibly selfishly, not only do they wish to make their husband miserable but they expect some other guy to have some kind of half a relationship with them. I suspect they get plenty of willing bastards or plenty of willing cucks happy to go along with them. I could not do that though. I also have no interest in doing that. But I have to say that such things make me very cynical and untrusting of women generally.
  17. A bitch that doesn't know the difference between know or no...?
  18. The woodland should look after itself until a tree falls across the main road ( I'd worry about that). Looks like most of the grass might be grazed.
  19. Wtf?!? Rory Tingle is clearly a journalist going places.
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