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  2. It seems more selfish to demand someone cover their face and get an experimental jab to protect you.
  3. The totalitarians are the most selfish. You must conform to how their feelings dictate. I no longer give a fuck. Not just covid, any and all of the shite telling me that I'm supposed to care about special interest groups. I've yet to read anything by a trannie empathising with parental concern over the use of public toilets. No feminist activists show any feelings for men having a hard time. They don't care about me and I don't care about them. In one of Edward de Bono's books, he talked about the notion of equality being used as a front for a power play. Equality can't be faulted, we all get a fair go. With a power play, there will be losers. Those initiating the power play don't realise that they could be the big losers. The Austro-Hungarian Empire tried it with Serbia. At the end of WW1, the Austro-Hungarian Empire had ceased to exist.
  4. DeepLurker

    EVs in the real world - just don't

    On t'other hand, you can't stockpile jerrycans of unleaded either, as it goes off quite quickly. In fact I'd argue that if you can set up solar panels then a leccy car would be a very good idea for a Max Max world.
  5. What's going on here I wonder https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/rightmove-plc-transaction-own-shares-170300828.html RIGHTMOVE PLC - Transaction in Own Shares
  6. Battenberg

    Are They Unvaccinated and Non Mask Wearers Selfish?

    Gee, thanks. Why does that bother you if I boycott Tesco? Do you own it or something?
  7. Is he such a weaselly little shit because he was bullied mercilessly in school? Or was he mercilessly bullied in school because he was such a weaselly little shit? Curious minds demand to know!
  8. One percent

    Vaccine passports

    You sure?
  9. Hase2001

    Is this the only forum that is anti jab?

    What is also bizarre is that a lot of the deep web is also pro vaxx. Websites that are happy to sell you large volumes of class A drugs, weapons, fake passports, etc. have a blanket ban on selling forged vaccination certificates. I would never advocate buying any such things of course, but I do find the hypocrisy very interesting.
  10. There's an immense amount of misery coming down the line due to this vilifying of oil. I doubt the virtue signalling morons who did the vilifying will ever acknowledge what they did.
  11. It could be advantageous to be near the United States as that is the only place on Earth where the population are capable of fighting back.
  12. Join a cartel. You might have to do some initiation first of course.
  13. Rollseyes

    Where to get covid tests for travel?

    Do people actually still take the tests?
  14. This is part of their game - emotional manipulation and societal ostracisation. They deliberately bring emotions in to debates that should be entirely factual - e.g. mask wearing, climate nonsense, illegal immigration, the LGBTQWERTY lobby, etc. By using phrases such as "don't you care about grandmothers" with respect to masks, they put themselves in a position of power - as there is no easy way to respond to that without making yourself look bad. The thing that you have to remember is that this is just a tactic that these people use. They do not care one bit about the health of the elderly - in fact, these are the same people a few years back that were calling for the elderly to be killed off because they voted the "wrong" way in the EU referendum!
  15. JoeDavola

    Are They Unvaccinated and Non Mask Wearers Selfish?

    I feel like this at times; but like many things in life you can't revert back to ignorance even if you wanted to.
  16. Masks are subtle tools of oppression. Not wearing one is a stand against oppression. You do this for everyone not just yourself. It’s not selfish, in fact the exact opposite. That’s how I see it anyway.
  17. 180 days initially but long term residency is fairly straightforward. I know some Brits who already live there. Of course Mexico could go down the vaxx crazy route too, already over half the population have had the poison. Guess we will have to see how this plays out. I am willing to live anywhere that respects medical freedom. If traditional vaccines like Valneva become available then I would consider them, but I fear any boosters will be MRNA, as seems to be the case now.
  18. Snake Plissken

    Are They Unvaccinated and Non Mask Wearers Selfish?

    No, we are being gaslighted. The masks are about giving us a daily reminder that theres a pandemic and we should live in fear. If wearing a bit of cloth over your mouth prevented transmission, civilisation would have cottoned on to this over the last few thousands of years. All of the studies have found it does nothing to help.
  19. And another. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-10262143/Scotland-international-rugby-player-Siobhan-Cattigan-tragically-dies.html
  20. fishman

    COVID-1984: Compulsory Masks In Shops

    In relation to the new mask mandate, I have been thinking about the best meme ever posted on here (IMPO). Cant find it now, but it was a kid under duress having to say 2+2=5. Being forced to do things which make no sense really is the ultimate humiliation.
  21. Bedrag Justesen

    Vaccine passports

    That's Nick Knowles you stupid twat.
  22. Skynet will catch up with you wherever you run to
  23. One percent

    Are They Unvaccinated and Non Mask Wearers Selfish?

    No. The science or whatever it is called doesn’t add up. You being vaxxed doesn’t stop others catching it (it doesn’t appear that them being vaxxed doesn’t stop them catching it either). The mask makes no difference to the spread.
  24. 180 days initially on tourist one then another one is for upto 4 years. More here: https://www.mexperience.com/lifestyle/living-in-mexico/visas-and-immigration/
  25. Yep Mexico is still at the top of my list from https://www.kayak.co.uk/travel-restrictions? to possibly emigrate to but I'm hoping this EU statement will be another bluff and at least Romania will hold firm as they are still under 40% double vaxxed When to make the call to leave the UK and potentially the EU is my main concern not if at the moment and who with
  26. Rollseyes

    Vaccine passports

    I totally buy into the social score from the Vaxpass. If this is not about health then what is the motivation? Just to make big pharma and the corrupt politicians a few quid? Way too much money invested already in the passes. The current push to vax everyone narrative fits, as does boosters to keep this going for the obedient doubly jabbed sheep.
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