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  2. NHS property agency taken to task by National Audit Office Group is owed £576m in unpaid rent and has racked up £1bn of losses A state-owned property company that runs swaths of the National Health Service estate has no formal leases in place with most of its tenants and lacks the power to collect more than £500m in unpaid bills, according to a damning report by government auditors. Despite the problems, in 2017-18 directors at the service received £235,000 in bonuses — “the highest in the health sector”, the NAO said. Radio had some story about BMA or DRs org refusing to follow process on treating foreigners 'we are not border agents' A very generous act, with my tax. If I gave my clients stuff away for free then Id be sacked and sued,. Same thing needs to happen.
  3. Fuelling the obesity epidemic
  4. Virtually impossible, as all these "tests" have some sort of cultural reference.
  5. This. I can guarantee that is a black bloke is walking to work at 8am on Wednesday he's not going to get stopped and searched. Now a 15-25yo, outside a club, with loads of other black people, at 2am on Saturday morning ...
  6. spygirl


    The whole job title bollocks ended for me when they put those 100 business card for £5 machines in train stations. Back in the first interweb boom me and a friend got a £50 orth printed, with various comedy job titles and made up names, just so we could hand them to people to fuck off. 'Hii Nigel, we're progressing the job selection process. I met someone who's meets you requirement. His name? Miles Cunt.' You need a trusted, informal back channel when choosing expensive/ skilled people. Otherwise youll end up with Stephen Elop.
  7. It's happened twice in my life. So there you go. Thanks for backing up my point. The idea that black people in the UK are "constantly" harassed by the police is complete and utter 100% bullshit.
  8. Pretty much. Id only have faith is the test could be produced in some sort of totally abstract way. Best case is Mensa. I became sceptical after having countless morons come up to me and say 'Im a member of Mensa. I have an IQ inthe top 0.01% of the population. I thne asked them to work out the probability of 3 other people i nthe pub also being i nthe top 0.01% as Id heard the same from them too. Bar maths, and even maths requires a lot of study, other tests are all cultural. I refused to accept the gormless HR harridans and their 'aptitude' tests. Loads of pseudo-science fuckwittery.
  9. So what would be your advice to @RWJ, given that he said it looks likely to end in family court? Strikes me that the system pushes men into abandoning their children, they face the choice of giving up all assets they have just to play a minor role in the child’s life, or doing everything they can to escape all their responsibilities. To protect himself , he could sell the house quickly before there are any judgements against him, use arbitrage to “lose” any money via gambling into another secret account somewhere, then conceal all in gold and cryptocurrency, become self-employed and plead poverty so the state house the woman and child@? I’d say this would work to a degree but he might just as well emigrate as the role in the kid’s life after that will be so pathetically minor it’ll be almost irrelevant and he’ll also be unable to re-enter the housing market or salaried job market until the kid is 18. At least abroad he can have a real life. Basically, it seems once you’ve stuck your dick in crazy and impregnated her, you’re fucked. Unless you’re very poor and have nothing to give.
  10. Yes, amazingly, it might have been based on knowledge of a bit of Latin, and knowing the rules of Cricket, and having the "right tie" of course.
  11. Today's going to be horrific here in CZ for the next couple of days. Last night was a horrible sweaty mess. Already up to mid 20s and climbing rapidly. Projected to hit 35 here in a few hours.
  12. Not seen it posted yet - excerpt below
  13. spygirl

    Fighter escort

    Pissed idiots on planes are probably only a thing since the 90s. So, yes, they are new.
  14. I dont accept the black people are thicker than white people. For the same reason why I dont accept that white people are thicker than asians or Jews. One, I regard IQ as a dubious concept. Two, bar the odd extreme of the scale genius, being smart and functional seems to come down generations of culture and upbringing. Jews have a good few generations on average European in things bookish - they were literate a few centuries before white people were. DIttop blacks. You look at tribal level and you have groups like the Igbo who have valued education being smart and having few children and looking after them. And the rest, where they are popping out kids at a stupid rate, which they cannot feed and letting them be eaten by lions. Sadly, down to our gormless benefits, the black the UK are more like the latter.
  15. Wishing you better. A&E would be my advice.
  16. spygirl

    Fighter escort

    Have a quick look in the cockpit, just to check. Then shoot the plane down. Same reason why that Greenpeace woman and the rest of them should have been shot dead by security.
  17. Alex

    Fighter escort

    Absolutely. This is clearly the plan. If there's a risk of any passenger plane doing a 9/11 then it will be blown up. Only part of this I've been pondering over the past few days is who makes the call? The pilot? "Hello, we have a disruptive passenger who may be a threat to the aircraft. Please scramble fighters and destroy us." Or is there remote monitoring from the ground?
  18. people with weak hearts and breathing problems will be stressed due to the heat, same as if they were to climb a mountain on a hot day, also blood thickening due to dehydration
  19. It's hard to tell. Caprio is small and pretty wimpy which makes him appear effeminate yet Rock Hudson was an all action macho man and we all know what was going on there. Though I agree that you don't get the roles he does without doing "favours".
  20. Child obesity drive 'stalled by Brexit' They include: a partnership in Bradford with local mosques to get the South Asian community active and eating healthier food a drive in Blackburn to get restaurants and takeaways offering healthier foods Lewisham's tactic of using unsold advertising space to promote healthy lifestyle messages
  21. Blow the plane up. If you were a terrorist then pretending to be drunk and out of control, or having an accomplice doing the same, would be a good way to disguise what you are actually up to.
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