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  2. Why? Who cares. These people are not British in any sense of the word. Just look at them. Look at the way they dress. Look at the values they hold. They wish to do us harm. To undermine our culture, our democracy. Our way of life. They should not have been given British citizenship in the first place.
  3. Chewing Grass


    Wait till you hear this. Remember the media going on about the 3500 jobs going with the Gonda plant in Swindon, well 900 of those 'British' jobs are PIO's. Don't know what a PIO is well read below. As ever you have to read the 'foreign' English press to find out that a PIO is a Person of Indian Origin. So we are now down to 2600 jobs going without considering the PEOs or anything else.
  4. sleepwello'nights

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    Was one of them Shirley Jenkins?
  5. One percent

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    Were they not called the Gang of Four?
  6. snaga

    trans madness

    Trans women & male privilege
  7. The Generation Game

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    Perhaps, not being part of the elite, he sees this as his opportunity to break the glass ceiling. Maybe the guardian is on life support and he's issuing a "come and get me" plea to anyone in the media who'll listen?
  8. They don’t even tell their allies when bombs are going to hit
  9. spunko

    Is she packing

    To be fair Infowars has always been shit. Only decent person involved with it is PJW. *runs*
  10. crashmonitor

    Where have all the insects gone - The Bug Splat Phenomenonon

    At least the bees seem to be in large numbers today, a swarm on my crocuses.
  11. snaga

    Hoax hate

    Here Are 21 Fake Hate Crime Hoaxes Promoted by the Left Since Trump Took Office and another 350
  12. Most read article on BBC news website right now. Interesting... Sales dropping for them too. Must be dire at the regular EAs , diddums
  13. FWIW, just had potential buy signals on my two FTSE shorts today. Need to wait for a few confirmations, including on the weeklies, before I act.
  14. Long time lurking

    Is she packing

    That`s not digitally altered ,and it`s not the first video showing very similar if you care to look,and the protein bar was a piss take along with a plug
  15. stokiescum

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Well sadly in most of the pubs around me now that’s classed has a good night out it’s geting dir out there pubs are dieing rapidly
  16. sleepwello'nights

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    Surely not. Wasn't there another political party formed by a group of MPS who broke away from the labour party? What was it called? Was one of them called Shirley something, they had a big impact on politics in the UK didn't they, not.
  17. The Masked Tulip

    Is she packing

    I think this is the first clickbait on DOSBODS - not you, but infowars. From a viewer perspective the most annoying thing about that video is the guy being on camera for the longest time - who wants to see his mug when he is talking about something we should be seeing, then the protein bar ad and then something which, for all I know, has been digitally altered to make fun of someone. Infowars are not helping themselves with crud like this but I suspect they have a hard core of people who believe it.
  18. maynardgravy

    is joe root a batey boy

    Jockland has a cricket team. albeit about as successful as the Somali curling squad, but a team nontheless.
  19. Long time lurking

    Is she packing

    We have all heard the conspiracy what do you think
  20. Caravan Monster

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    It's the apparent anti-semitism amongst the political class I'm on about, Muslims seem to disapprove of everyone who isn't in their gang to varying degrees mostly on historical / theological grounds. Outside of normal international relations with Israel, the traditional Jewish community in this country is tiny and it should barely register as an issue to Parliamentarians. What is going on in the middle east is of no concern at all to the very large majority of the constituents they are supposed to represent. They are hellbent on bringing culturally incompatible ideas and problems as well as people from around the globe and making them our problem too, when they should be nothing to do with our nation.
  21. Today
  22. Long time lurking

    Countdown to Brexit

    No deal is just bullshit May`s "deal" is nothing more than the rules/frame work for negotiating any deal ,this was always going to be done in the 2 year transition period ,whats on offer now limits(well completely removes ) our leverage when it comes to negotiating any deal
  23. Corbyn shows he's in touch.
  24. BadAlchemy

    Oh, the Umunnaty!

    Didn't go so well for her apparently. Quite a few callers laid into her for her duplicity...
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