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  2. No. Nothing should be funded like that. Guaranteed to create a bloated, spend it all org - see NHS, Education. We dont need state supplied programmes on ballroom dancing.
  3. I didn't listen to my mates who told me to stay away from the business end when my first was born. It was like watching my favourite pub burn to the ground. Stayed at shoulder height for the second. I think Mrs H. preferred that.
  4. No. He invented dried milk!
  5. the So-Called BBC should be funded from general taxation, or become a subscription only service. It should also be smaller. I'm sure there are better, and more economical announcers, and comedians, that need the work, and don't need to be paid footballer sized money. One of my lady friends of years ago used to read the news on Radio Crawley. It was not well paid.
  6. DocH

    trans madness

    Captain Marvel.  Didn't he invent the boxed set?
  7. Straight for the White House. Mind you, she might not reach it...
  8. Not much other news then?
  9. Tell the fuckers to build, it will burn down faster than they can throw it up.
  10. Yes, but you know a phone is quite good, and has probably made these compact cameras obsolete. Also just like in the days of films, one size does not fit all, and a lens even from the same manufacturer might not work with all the cameras in the range, and fuck motorised autofocus. Is the motor in the camera or the lens? It varies. If you can't see whether it's in focus or not, photography is not for you.
  11. So long as they're planning on taking their WMDs back over the border?
  12. So called have really got played here. A few left leaning papers arguing the government should cough up. Well they would. Meanwhile so called getting baited in a Conservative leader election campaign period. I’m leaning towards it needs a big reform which they themselves are hinting at (but don’t want to do). I think they’ll throw back we’ll cut x, y program and generate even more heat! (Edit: as upthread the average viewer has risen because hardly anyone is watching in the lower age groups) ”In a letter to the Daily Telegraph, BBC director of policy Clare Sumner said the So-Called BBC could only save £25m if it kept all salaries at or below £150,000.”
  13. Scum, absolute scum. This is the feral lot kicked out of NZ A notorious family of travellers are holding villages to ransom by buying land cheap and threatening to build homes without planning permission unless locals buy the plots back for vastly inflated sums. The Doran clan hit the headlines earlier this year after they wreaked havoc across New Zealand before being deported back to Britain. Now residents in historic villages fear their tranquillity will be shattered by the very same brand of mayhem unless they pay up. The first to be targeted was the quaintly-named Dough Bank, which nestles in the heart of the Severn Valley in Worcestershire. The Dorans paid £9,000 for a tennis court-size piece of land in the village, then demanded more than £600,000 to return it and leave. it seems planning and other laws don’t apply to them
  14. Tyson Fury fight. Went to look at comments, see what the plebs thought. Top rated comments 23. Posted by Gaffers on 1 hour ago I'm confused, this has nothing to do with women's sports? Report Comment number 23 Link to Comment number 23 Comment number 19. Posted by Rambo on 1 hour ago Why wasn't it on the So-Called BBC. Oh yeah they used all their money on the women's football. Report Comment number 19 Link to Comment number 19 Comment number 27. Posted by gayasiandisabledwarriorinspiration on 58 minutes ago Fury is a straight white working class hero, proud of his heritage and who he is and not afraid to say it, a man of courage, character and humility, thank you Tyson for empowering the most marginalised and abused group by the uk government and BBC, hard work and fairness can prevail despite the So-Called BBC PC hyenas, Keep fighting my friend you’re a true legend Fake news! the So-Called BBC was Paid to show the womens fotty. Surely? By Bodyform or a bra company.
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  16. Something like Boris vs Rory, with Boris subsequently having to pull out, would raise a few eyebrows.
  17. BurntBread

    Next PM

    Are we going to end up with a coronation rather than an election? I remember the last time that happened it didn't work out well.
  18. Today is Bloom’s Day, the day celebrated in Joyce’s unreadable tome, Ulysses. I will mark the occasion by spending the day driving a safety boat down the sailing club. My children may notice my absence but it’s unlikely.
  19. I have decided to spend today contemplating my existence and whether there is any point to it or anything. So I am going to make some sarnies shortly, go for a bike ride and sit on some sea cliffs having a picnic. If it rains I may stay in bed all day.
  20. Yes, it's an odd coincidence. Three different things to celebrate depending on your circumstances and heritage.
  21. At least with the rise in the number of F2M transpeople we will finally get a definitive answer to the eternal question: Which is more painful, childbirth or getting your foreskin trapped in your zipper? Sorry, should have prefaced that with a trigger warning. And to answer the original question: Chainsaw juggling!
  22. Driving in to the shops yesterday and some plonker tried to exit the one way the wrong way I wouldn't budge. He went over to the car and tried to enrich me, but wasn't having any and told him to move Bastard knocked in to me as what I'd suppose would be an intimidation tactic, then reversed and drove off. Some bloke recorded the whole thing from his van as well which was top notch. Got it all on dashcam and his reg is in view. Now a serious question: The hit is pretty evident because the dashcam shakes a bit. But if sound is requested, do I supply it? He walks over and calls me a 'honkey bastard'. I've called him a benefit yielding spunk gobbler. So it's not racist back, but I'm wondering if he can spin that as some kind of verbal assault. I got out of the car and asked for his info (which I recorded) but he drove off. Don't you have to stop at an accident? This is all on the dash cam. I wouldn't normally mind about a slight kiss on the car but he's been an absolute tit, and I love my car. S Edit: like a tit, I've put this in the wrong category. @spunko -- can you please fix this?
  23. There is no good life in rural Wales, it’s full of the Welsh who can tell if you’re even descended from an outsider as you won’t look like a troglodyte, and it pisses with rain all the time. I know someone who tried to keep bees and gave up because although it can be done, there are so few days they can be out without their little bee umbrellas so they make very little honey. You can make very big bangs indeed with nitrate fertilizer though, unless they’ve changed the formula from years ago (had an inkling this was done after the Yank chap who blew up the admin center for his county and killed about 150 people with a big van load of it)
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