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  2. Blair speaks again about more dunderheadism.
  3. 22/04/2019 ITV News and C4 News coverage today has been most unfiltered. ITV Evening News, strangely, comparing the text of the ITV News website to the actual broadcast the number of references to Islamic terrorists are fewer. Even so, the reporting from ITV News Security Editor, Rohit Kachroo, has stood out for being most researched and detailed. C4 News Krishnan Guru Murthy, presenting tonight from Sri Lanka, completely different in tone to the mysterious approach of yesterday's bulletin. Although even Guru Murthy described yesterday's attacks as 'being painted' as an Islamist terror attack on Christians and foreigners. 'Being painted' ? By the end of the programme the Islamic group description had become 'religious extremists', all the same, credit where it's due, excellent reporting. BBC News at least mentioning Islamic terrorism since early morning, nevertheless awarded the wooden spoon of truth, for showing old footage of Buddhists attacking a Mosque in revenge for vandalism of a shrine.
  4. Pigeon or half pigeon are my recommendations for other great hip openers. If they feel horrendous the first few times you try them then your hips are very tight. The stretch then actually becomes quite pleasant. Be careful with the knees though. Do a Google and you will see the different options in terms of front leg angle. I go for about 45 degrees. Enjoy.
  5. Be smart with the words. Retaliation is not a good one. Self defence is advisable. "Will be forced to defend himself" Perfectly acceptable within the law. Retaliation is not. That's a pretty decent combination. If I can be arsed I may try judo myself.
  6. David Lammy is a cunt just wanted to bump this thread up
  7. Whales wash up regualy think how any plastic bags it would. Take to stuff one of those fuckers .kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak .no need to fly to Canada. Now let’s just go to Blackpool we could put it next to the sea life center
  8. Could we not shoot and stuff the big 5 and and mount them on something like the Coca Cola lorry thus saveing thousands of flights to Africa it could also drive around London to remind the locals of home the Chinese might even throw in a dead panda if we ask nicely
  9. Today
  10. How could they - they aren't the same are they. They aren't linked in any way. Having the words Throwheed Jamath in common is just a coincidence. It's not as if TNTJ being "a precursor organisation to ISIS" means they're linked or anything.
  11. They're going to blame it on the Indian National Thowheeth Jama'ath (INTJ) and then close this site down.
  12. I have to question what the text in the link below means (a link that that I just came across in trying to find out what Throwheed Jamath means). Something just doesn't add up. "..the TNTJ ... is a precursor organisation to ISIS" just doesn't sound good does it? Should we be terrified or what?
  13. Going into this eyes wide open, I've heard about the whole thai bride problem/cultural divide, not what I'm doing. Any sign of asking for anything more than cab money and its next! Just nice to date women who are behaving nothing like their counterparts in the west!
  14. Yesterday
  15. .They deny any links I suppose we can say thank goodness that National Thowheeth Jama'ath has no bases in "india, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Bahrain, Brunei, Oman, United Kingdom, France, United States of America, Australia, London, Singapore" like Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath claims to have?
  16. Well the point I tried to make rather clumsily was that these conversations are predictable and tedious when you've worked in retail for years
  17. There is going to be a war. It's time to pick a side.
  18. Yes looking at the above video and the drone video below (originally posted by onlyme) there are 2 (or more) lifts outside the scaffold and maybe one within the scaffold nearer the spire.- with maybe 2 more outside the cathedral at the south east corner. There seems zero likelihood that the ones outside the scaffold would cause such a fire and the one apparently near the spire almost zero chance considering the lead lined roof surface, the scaffold being metal, the lifts not being in use after work and circuit breakers etc - I agree as a matter of course the possibility would be considered especially the supply electrics. Incidentally in the drone video below there are three large holes shown in the ceiling. One directly under the spire (presumably caused by the weight of some of the spire collapsing vertically downwards), another to the west of the spire (presumably due to the top part of the spire that apparently fell in that direction) and another to the north of the spire in the transcept area. The reason for the latter seems unclear but it's just possible that's where the fire started (for whatever reason?) and where there might have been unusually intense heat.
  19. The DM article is just BS written for clickbait.
  20. I remember that one, it has a scantily clad woman on the side he's looking at, the pervert
  21. A neighbour of mine in Essex flew Lancasters in the second big mistake. He identified Blair as a charlatan long before he became PM. He was convinced that we are going through another ‘appeasement phase’ before he passed away 4 years ago. And yes, he referred to Cameron as Chamberlain long before the referendum.
  22. I did not know that. I tried to get into Mensa at 8 years old, and failed by an annoyingly small mark. I think that was when my anti-authoritarian streak started developing.
  23. I’m not a bad man. I have a dog that I like, and as much as animals can, she likes me. I have a son & daughters, and I have taught them to respect each other and their mother. Today I took my older kids to a Stand Up Paddleboarding session where we were all coached on the basis of our ability irrespective of creed or gender. None of this would have come as a surprise to my late father or (paddleboarding aside) his father. Yet I fear that my daughters and their kids will not enjoy the same freedoms. I find myself supporting TR, a man vilified by the establishment and someone I would have rejected a handful of years ago. Some bastards are responsible for this, and I am as angry as hell. The day is coming when people like me will kick back. Unfortunately it happened in Central Europe in the ‘30’s, and the outcome wasn’t pleasant. TPTB have no idea of the forces that they risk unleashing. Nor is there any evidence of them being able to control those forces. This is not a future I wish for my children. We have been let down by our ‘leaders’, and I suspect that the fallout from Brexit will be the least of their woes in due course.
  24. To be fair, Riverside's been like that for 20+ years, and the latter comment is surely just parents taking their kids to the park? This has been a predominantly Asian area for a long time. I used to live in Pontcanna and would often nip down to Riverside to stock up on stuff in Madhav. Maybe ten years ago I was seeing a woman who lived in Green Street and we used to stagger home in all kinds of states all hours of the day, never any trouble. I'd avoid the park area around Bonfire Night, but then I'd do the same for Fairwater, Ely, Llanedeyrn and a multitude of other places in Cardiff around that time... I wonder what comments we'd see from this guy's sister if she lived in an area full of Orthodox Jews or another insular culture?
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