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Found 15 results

  1. Thought I'd start this thread as I've seen two this weekend I have not seen for donkeys. 1) A Volkswagen Karmann Ghia which like most air-cooled beetle thingies just smelt of unburnt fuel and engine oil. 2) An X plated non fuel injected XR2 that sounded decidedly underwhelming, I mean this should have rusted away years ago!
  2. New car sales fall by 1/5 as turkeys come home to roost in the sector. Lack of PPI funded deposits, changing government attitude to diesel, market flooded with low-mileage used, disappearing electric subsidy etc etc, plus a tapped out population mean that the good times for car dealers have faded by 20% in England and 17.5% in Scotland. The chap from the SMMT says, "Given the strength of the new car market over the first four months of the year, with numbers still up on 2016 by 1%, the retailers have fantastic levels of outstanding pre-owned vehicles and the message we are hearing is still a very encouraging 'business as usual' for anyone looking to change their current vehicle." There you have it 'outstanding levels of pre-owned vehicles', most probably diesel, car dealer speak for cake today - starve tomorrow.
  3. Right, try this. Go onto howmanyleft and pick a manufacturer and a distinctive model no longer made. 1) note down the peak year and number of cars. 2) halve the number of cars left and note down the year. 3) halve it again and note the year Rating equals time to halve 1 / time to halve 2 Examples VW Corrado 16V 1995 - 3800 2006 - 1900 2011 - 928 Corrado = 11/5 Fiat Bravo 2.0 HGT 1999 - 1368 2007 - 769 2010 - 382 Bravo = 8/3 Rover 25 GTi 2002 - 1295 2011 - 649 2013 - 336 Rover 25 = 9/2 Nissan Almera 2.0 GTi 2000 - 1400 2009 - 700 2011 - 370 Nissan Almera = 9/2 Toyota Celica GT 2.0 2001 - 2223 2013 - 1152 2018 - 536 Toyota Celica = 12/5 Chewy over all rankings from 5 contenders 1) Toyota 2) VW 3) Nissan/Rover 4) Fiat Anyone else fancy a go, who can find the worst and best / highest lowest chewy scores
  4. Both men reported alive but injured. Police have said that they have not ruled out that it could be terror-related.
  5. 6 people reported injured. No further info.
  6. It is being reported as a car losing control at a roundabout but a serious number of coppers and ambulances turned up. One person reported as fighting for their life. Another person reported as having life-changing leg injuries. Reports from an eye witness of a child having been amongst the injured. No mention of the driver. It sounds like a RTA but you never can tell these days.
  7. It appears that it is currently mainly schools in Cornwall, Devon and Durham.
  8. Police saying one person struck. Attempt to hit others. Witness in car stopped the driver by blocking in the car. An off-duty police officer went towards the car and was attacked by the driver. The cop shot him. Man is now in critical condition in hospital. No more news about him. No news of the injured person. Edit: Pedestrian struck in critical condition.
  9. Driver drove into shoppers in Ullared, Sweden, outside a supermarket. Two people injured. People thought it was an accident at first until driver got out with a petrol can in his hands and proceeded to pour it on the ground. Man has been arrested. No further info. I am off to the Co-Op shortly.
  10. Driver tried to flee but was arrested. Reports of at least 15 people injured.
  11. Driver fled according to initial reports.
  12. So far, police officer reported seriously injured, driver run off, man-hunt underway. Reports of an ISIS flag in the car - looks like it from a photo circulating..
  13. It is being reported that the car lost control and that pedestrians have been hit. They are implying it is non-terrorist. Six people have been hit by the car. The Garda are saying it is not a 'hit and run'.
  14. Police saying that the driver is a drunk male.
  15. Ah well - no need for it to make national news. No one killed.