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Found 1 result

  1. First, a confession: this topic has been taking my attention away from DOSBODS for the past three months. I know, and I feel very ashamed. I've seen Qanon mentioned by a few posters here, but it hasn't really gained any traction in discussions, as far as I can see, so I thought it would be interesting to start a thread on It. I've been following the threads on 8chan a bit each day, and it is pretty overwhelming to try and keep up with, to say the least. I can easy see how any normal person going there for the first time would be instantly turned off. And that's just how they like it, to be fair! But the raw Q drops are definitely worth a look, and I would recommend a site such as this to see them all in one place. Even here, the cryptic nature of the intel drops and the constant use of codes and accronyms and double meanings makes them very hard to follow. This is by design, apparenrly, to prevent sniffer bots and because it is illegal to drop classified intel directly. Hence the Socratic method of Q posting many things as questions which must be verified by research, and the common promise that "future will prove past", as it often has done. I would advise curious people to avoid the chans and instead read some good concise analysis from this blogger, because it is likely to make some sense rather than none at all: As you can tell, I'm fairly certain that this is something very important, though I am unsure to the exact purpose of it all. I have been a coincidence theorist for most of my life, and so I am aware that I have a certain confirmation bias at play. But even so, the proofs being dropped, however subtle they are (by design) are fairly convincing that high level players close to POTUS are engaged with taking out a global cabal of corrupt and evil people. While many might accept this much could be true, there is also the issue of the alleged satanism, mind control, pedophilia and child sacrifices that many will simply not be able to stomach as being a possible reality. So, is Q an elaborate hoax, a LARP (live action role play), or is it real intel prepping humanity for the revelations to come?! Answers on a postcard...