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Found 4 results

  1. Stupid I'd as stupid does still whinging on about how very dare trump think he can visit the uk and London. Is this deliberate on the part of khan or has he an agenda here? I don't care what section of the so called community he actually represents, he is th major of London. He needs to be diplomatic trump is the most powerful person on the planet. He appears to have a special place for the uk (god knows why). He is prepared to do trade deal and seems to support brexit And has little time for the eu. Why then go out of you way to piss him off? Idiot
  2. Ok, so I'm 40ish (slightly older), have been smoking fags since I was 17 and really should stop. I have stopped before, for a day or three, helped at points by Nicorette Inhalators and more recently e-cigs. My most recent attempt at stopping failed when I snapped my e-cig and then rushed to the shop to buy baccy. I really want to stop for good but there is something which is getting in the way, I have smoked joints since I was 15/16, more or less every single day. I still smoke weed every day but not as much as I used to *. I would ideally like to be able to have a joint or two a day (with tobacco) but this makes stopping smoking fags (rollies nowadays- made using chemical and additive free tobacco with thin papers and extra slim filters) difficult. I have two young children and a lot to be alive for nowadays, I really want to stop smoking and know that I just need to do it, the problem is, I suppose that I realise to "do it" means I need to stop smoking weed as well. God, pathetic I know. Anyway, plan is to stop smoking fags in the next wee while, sooner the better really. I can stock up on e-cig stuff and try to prevent myself from getting too stressed out, maybe even get patches for the first week or so, it's fucking shit being addicted to nicotine though, I like the act of smoking but hate being a smoker... I feel like a bit of a tool for putting this post up but hopefully this thread it will help, either me, someone else on this forum, or someone who finds it while searching the internet. If you have found this just by searching the internet, check out our other stuff, on subjects of all sorts! * and obviously never anywhere near my children, I don't even smoke fags anywhere near them.
  3. “ Kitchens across Britain could look very different over the next few years after ministers were told that gas cookers should be banned. A report from the Committee on Climate Change says that developers should be forced to install low-carbon heating systems so that Britain’s legally binding emissions targets can be met. This would mean that newly-built homes would not be able to have gas boilers or stoves fitted, stopping them being connected to the gas grid. The committee accepted that low-carbon heating systems and extra insulation would add up to £5,000 to the cost of a new home, which would also take longer to heat up.” from : This, plus the pushing of smart meters makes me think they are trying to have people be more controllable and trackable.
  4. Ffs! There are more of them too.