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Found 9 results

  1. Was sat on a park bench with her boyfriend last night in local park. Stabbed so hard in her back by 2 males that the knife broke and stayed in her. No description given by police. Been watching some news reports and there seems to be a worrying disinterest in any description of the attackers other than that they were male. Anyone heard anything more about this murder?
  2. More news coming out about this. Nothing was stolen. Possible sexual motive claimed. But one lady was decapitated. The other appears to have someone attempt to decapitate her. Their murders were videoed and apparently on social media. Clearly this was an islamic terrorist attack. Didn't Ryanair fire alot of its Dutch staff today for refusing to rellocate to Morocco?
  3. So, he's not been found guilty and who knows how the trial might go: I saw the name and thought, hang on, I know someone called that, can't be the same guy though. A bit of checking says it is though. I'm pretty sure this is him: Haven't seen him in years and just knew him a bit professionally rather than socially but, wow!
  4. Apu is going to be killed off in The Simpsons after SJWs have compaigned deemed him a “racist” depiction of an Indian-American. It is suspected that the announcement that Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (the wise-cracking, and sometimes clueless, father of eight children) will be murdered by scriptwriters in a completely random and senseless wacist attack by a deranged Trump supporter with an I.Q. of 78 in week prior to the mid-terms.
  5. Keeping a close eye on this case - probably the most horrible crime I've ever heard of in my life. Woman accused of pouring sulphuric acid over ex-boyfriend cried, 'If I can't have you no one can', court hears
  6. A female healthcare worker has been arrested on suspicion of murdering eight babies and attempting to murder six others at a Cheshire hospital. Detectives are investigating the deaths of 17 youngsters at the Countess of Chester Hospital in 2015 and 2016, and 15 other 'non-fatal' cases. Police today confirmed they had arrested a woman who they described only as 'a healthcare professional' this morning. They have not said whether the woman is a nurse, doctor or worked in another role. She is being questioned of suspicion of having murdered eight of the children and attempting to murder six others.
  7. A former soldier who had a grudge against dog walkers murdered a complete stranger after 'a little voice in his head told him to kill someone', a court heard. Alexander Palmer allegedly attacked 83-year-old Peter Wrighton from behind with a knife before dragging his body under brambles on August 5 last year. The pensioner had been walking his two dogs, a mongrel called Gemma and a Scarteen Harrier named Dylan, in woodland known as The Heath near East Harling.
  8. Man murders woman, jumps out of 2nd storey window, lands on hyundia, attacks family in car, blood everywhere, assualts random people in street before being arrested .
  9. As per A 28-year-old woman has died after she was attacked at the travel agents where she worked. A man, aged 30, has been arrested on suspicion of murder following the incident at the TUI store in Chapel Street, Southport, at about 13:25 GMT. Ten police vehicles and two air ambulances attended after receiving reports that a woman had been injured. She later died in hospital. Merseyside Police believe the incident was "domestic related". another guest as in the one from ilford last week would be my guess