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About Me

Found 11 results

  1. I'm watching channel 4 news, seemingly black people are 4 times more likely to suffer mental illness. Seemingly the fault is white people being racist and discriminating against black people. Honestly, I'm fucked off with minorities playing the victim card. We let black people come to Europe from shithole countries and instead of thanking us they do nothing but complain. It's getting to the stage where I just don't care what happens to non white people. Nothing we do will be good enough for black people. It's time we just stopped trying.
  2. spunko


    Welcome, friend, to the DOSBODS Forum! This forum was created to enable and encourage people to talk openly, without threat of censorship from an omnipresent advertising agency that doesn't agree with the content. There are no ads on this website and it's free. I will only ban spammers, although I have ramped up the CAPTCHA settings so hopefully there won't be too many spambots posting here. If you have any questions please post them here.
  3. Dodgy schools. Loads of them. Some charging! Very little words but pic of boy in ethnic clothing running along street
  4. The forum wot King Spunko of Dosbodia did make us was a good one and has now a full year under it's belt. Thank you Spunko, and all who have written over the year. We're at a bit of a turning point right now (Count Dankula), but we can fight now to keep our freedom of speech, and use words written an spoken to save ourselves and the world. Hail Spunko! Hail Victory! Hail Our People!
  5. Excellent short video on how JP Morgan and the Rothschilds manipulated the USA into WW1. Also a reminder to the plebs of what little value they will be in the future to the seriously monied.
  6. On the Bollocks Broadcasting Companies News this evening the said retail sales were down at Christmas but offset by a shift of purchasing to November because of Black Friday. This is Bollocks as their own graph shows and is just for the consumption of those who cannot read or think. Overall Xmas sales down which is hardly surprising as most of the natives are having to spend less and the bulk of immigrants do not celebrate it. Accordingly Xmas sales will be going down permanently year on year. Xmas as traditionally known since the 1960s is no more.
  7. Really pisses me off when they present stuff this way. Lets present it as a robotic stretcher for injured squaddies thats nice. Later in the article its really, 'a remote controlled machine-gun'. And a bit later its:- “Ironclad – while being a product in its own right – is also a step towards the battlefield of the future where we (BAE Systems) expect fleets of unmanned air and ground vehicles to work together, sharing situational awareness and pursuing combat objectives. There will always be a human in the loop, but increasing use of autonomy and unmanned vehicles means they can focus on key decisions (like making a cup of tea) and have more options to avoid putting (our) people in dangerous situations.”
  8. The Great British Saucer Invasion of 1967 Nice 50 year anniversary filler piece from the So-Called BBC. Interesting bits from the article are the number of apprentices being trained at farnborough which appears to be over 150 per year with 500 being there at any one time. Their ability to obtain materials and make the saucers without raising eyebrows whilst all staying in the works hostel. The willingness for the press to run with a story that they know is fake. The sheer incompetence of plod and the local military. Quote:- 'Now, he says, the saucers would be treated as explosive devices and detonated - and the hoaxers could end up in jail. '
  9. A shadowy global operation involving big data, billionaire friends of Trump and the disparate forces of the Leave campaign influenced the result of the EU referendum. As Britain heads to the polls again, is our electoral process still fit for purpose? They really do think over 50% of the country are fucking stupid. Sorry, all the immigrants at work think I'm a fucking genius and 90% of them have degrees and I don't.
  10. Guest

    It's the thought what counts...

    My record is a meagre TWO. Both with images of Bob Carolgees saying in bubblespeak "Happy Birthday". Both with no money inside either.