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A game of Monopoly


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Do you feel you are trapped in a game? 

Those that make the rules of the game seem to cheat at every role of the dice!

When you have MPs avoiding tax, taking 2nd jobs as payment for policy.. 

Then you protest that paying that little tax, or taking back handers is breaking the law.. 

They say "Everything I did was within the law" 

You wrote the fucking law, you are the fucking law.. 

Politicians create a system with holes to allow them to carry out billion £ crimes.. 

Whilst the system attacks those who rob shops for £50 worth of goods? 

How do we get the public to stop being thick bunch of muppets? 

Once this game of monopoly is over, and one person owns all the assets.. 

The rest of us will either be bankrupt or in prison.. 



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13 hours ago, macca said:

How do we get the public to stop being thick bunch of muppets?


Not possible without something even worse than a world war, as the old bullshit way just gets started up again. Maybe it'll take a second coming xD or an alien invasion. :ph34r:

In the meantime the plebs are well tucked up in the game, to the degree they'd rather be in debt forever and kill themselves than live with the public shame of being unable to keep up with the game aka 'the joneses'. They keep lapping up the £1000+ iPhones, the cars on lease, the home on lifetime mortgage, spending half their waking life in a job they don't really like. Like a race of idiot zombies on autopilot with no critical thinking. We are all guilty of it to some degree as it's in our evolution as monkeys happy swinging in trees eating bananas. Life's got to complicated for us and the morally corrupt capitalise on it at every opportunity it gives them. People don't become politicians, become MPs, ministers of a department they have no qualifications in for the good of the people. It's for themselves.

Fortunately it's rare that someone breaks under the mental strain, like Christopher Foster did when all the debt becames too much and killing his family was somehow a better way out to save face or at least not have to see the consequences. Tragic from the daughter's point of view, and no doubt his wife wouldn't have let that happen if he hadn't put them all down like the animals they had.

Oh well, it's like the matrix. Can't get out, only an illusion of escaping. Unless you can be content living that monkey lifestyle we started with. The businessman and and fisherman parable has fucked us all over, and that's they way they want it.

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