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Recession in the News

No One

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Another thing has caught my eye using news.google.

On the financial section there are articles stating how the UK is facing a recession as bad as 07's. Also on the main page of google news there was one article about the US also entering a recession. 

Add to that all the Automotive Industry woes, JLR/Ford/Daimler/VAG etc and we can be sure we have reached peak.


Meanwhile there have been warning signs in the construction industry. The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply has warned the political paralysis gripping Westminster has left the industry trapped in “quicksand”, with house buying and new orders dropping “like a stone”. There are also concerns that the government and Bank of England have already used many of the tools in their armoury that could curb a future recession. Cutting interest rates to stimulate the economy is hard, as they are already at historically low levels, while quantitative easing (QE), in which more money is pumped into the economy, is likely to have less effect than in the past. -Source: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jul/13/urgent-planning-needed-to-combat-looming-downturn

Keep an eye on this thread:



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