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I think the world (and PCL top-end market) was a very different place in 2017 when he started the project. An incoming Labour govt and he brings this to marketxD

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You have to remember he bid more than the Candy’s for that plot 


now it may work out for him but suspect he’s not going go make much or anything on it 

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1 hour ago, spygirl said:

Nobody does discrete style better than John.


To the rich Arabs, Chinese, and Russians that were the intended buyers of units in the project that is probably very tasteful. He probably hangs out with those groups mostly anyway, hence he will have somewhat adopted their norms.

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Posted (edited)
18 hours ago, eek said:

You have to remember he bid more than the Candy’s for that plot 


now it may work out for him but suspect he’s not going go make much or anything on it 

Didnt know that,. not that I tracks people pissing around in London properdee.

Financial Times  Property sector


Caudwell buys Mayfair car park for £150m


By Ed Hammond, Property Correspondent October 12 2011

John Caudwell, the entrepreneur and founder of Phones 4U, is set to pay Ireland’s National Asset Management Agency close to £150m for the UK’s most valuable car park.

The deal, which ends years of speculation over who would buy one of Nama’s most coveted assets, is expected to close at the end of this month and is likely to result in the Mayfair site being rebuilt as an upmarket residential development. Nama is the “bad bank” set up to take over Ireland’s toxic property loans.

The Audley Square site, which includes six surrounding properties, has planning permission for a large but low-density 24-unit housing development, including a 19,000 square foot penthouse. However, the site is expected to be replanned to make it commercially viable.



Phones 4u was one of the UK’s biggest and most recognisable high-street brands, rising to prominence in the 2000s with the explosion of the mobile phone market. Ultimately, the company went bankrupt, but what led to its downfall?

In 2011, Phones 4u was acquired by private equity firm BC Partners, in a deal valued at up to £700 million. At the time, the chain had over 500 stores and was sold by Providence Equity Partners in a secondary buyout ranging from £600 million to £700 million. Providence had initially purchased the business from John Caudwell in 2006 as part of a broader £1.46 billion deal, where Caudwell earned £1.2 billion.

The previous year, Phones 4u demonstrated robust growth, reporting a 20% increase in sales to over £900 million. BC. Partners expressed optimism about the future growth potential of the business, particularly in the smartphone market catalysed by devices like the iPhone.

Its hard to tell who bought the biggest pig.


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