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BBC News, this is all so fishy, leaving old buildings to stand is good for the environment and climate change.


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You ask anyone in the trades/builders  or anyone who knows their insulation and for decades and well before climate change was a thing we have known that these old picture postcard thatched homes were a heating  nightmare and with Grade 1 & 2 there were limitations on what you could do to improve them, technically most of them should be pulled down and with all the fuss about energy consumption it should be more so these days. I have seen some Tudor homes where you could using your wrist skewer a hole from the inside to the outside with your hand alone and where it was inches thick, these places at one time could use up several times more energy.

But here is the problem, most of these people at the top preaching to us about energy efficiency are living in these Village homes in the country where there scenic little bubbles are aggressively protected from inner City scum. Now that there is more public awareness they are making out "they are doing us a favour" living in these places. This is Joan Bakewell all over again, all luvvy and left wing until she is criticised for living in a massive 7 bedroom heated home on her own and then suddenly her Ivory tower right wing instincts kick in

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Shits McGee

Looks like they mean serviceable 'shell and core' buildings...i agree tearing those down to fit the whims of the next architwats wet dream is a waste.

That said 40% of construction work is redoing work from changes or damages but there is so much inertia of the way things are that will never change.

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