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House prices poll 2023 - poll only.


Where do you see the average house price in January 2024 compared to now?  

258 members have voted

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  • 2 weeks later...

I went with minus 8%. Bearing in mind we are already at minus 4.5 % since August 2022. The two together come to minus 12% ( minus' compound negatively).

Inflation may take a bit of sting out of nominal drops this time. If we follow the BOE inflation forecast we'll have about 9% inflation between August 2022 to January 2024. That would make a real fall by then of minus 19%....88 house prices/109 inflation. And I don't think we will be done with the correction by then.

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  • 1 month later...
On 22/02/2023 at 20:54, blobloblob said:

Such a spread of opinions on this poll. I thought we were meant to be experts?

There isn't really a spread because most of the poll options are negative. I probably should have done equal options for house price rises and for falls :S

Only 8% of voters think that house prices are going to rise or stay at 0%...

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