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American express?...yes, and would you like to.....


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Surely if PM Sunak is not prepared to mandate on compulsory tendering of cash he is admitting that FIAT is worthless and/or limited?

Further within the article he states:

QUOTE: "The Bill also supports businesses that continue to accept cash by ensuring reasonable access to deposit facilities, but as technology and consumer behaviour changes, it is right that organisations themselves should be able to choose the forms of payment that they will accept.”

...surely if we go along this route/apply his logic, would he be so understanding of business if an organisation stated "We  refuse to serve 'Paki's"*. I appreciate there are race laws to counter this/protect other minorities, but as highlighted in the article the current FSM Bill going through The Houses is also [supposedly] protecting minority groups:

QUOTE: “We know that cash continues to be used by millions of people, particularly those in vulnerable groups....That is why the Financial Services and Markets Bill will, for the first ever time, protect people’s access to cash in UK law."

...so it appears there are some minorities that he would chose to ignore as it/they don't fit his agenda [i.e. rapid implementation of a CBDC].


* Note this use of vernacular doesn't signify my beliefs on racial groups, and is used to reinforce the impact of offence that would be generated in such circumstances; I in no way condone such views/behaviour.


Oh, and the relevance of/inspiration for the title?...a Not the Nine o'clock News sketch from the 1980's:


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