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What's wrong with this one?


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You have to drive through the enrichment of Rochdale every day yo get anywhere and may well get snowed in in winter due to dead end road.

Zoopla also (unreasonably) thinks it is grossly overpriced.


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I've ridden my bike up there and others similar in the area, it will be steep, wet & or icy in winter and impassable in snow especially if there is drifting.



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You've not looked enough! It's beyond the road / track. And next to a yoga man.


2018-09-20 (13).png

I don't believe Average broadband speed within this postcode 67Mb provided by BT* though

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It has land.

It shouldn't even be priced on Zoopla and houses with land don't get listed as a normal on land reg. Price is withheld. 

14 acres is a good chunk and is worth 10k an acre more if it has barns or potential. 

Ivery been looking at this sort of property and they are thin on the ground. They can charge what they want. Some idiot will pay it with rates at 0%.

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