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There's one born every minute

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London Capital & Finance: £236m firm collapses

The FCA said it was "unlikely" investors would be protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) but it was "for the FSCS to determine".

If a deal's too good to be true.....


"Let down by the regulators ?"


No let down by their greed, stupidity and lack of due dillegence.


I've seen no end of bonds offering these sorts of returns...usually related to "pwopatee".

I worry about my £256 in the Skipton and it's "protected"

These people are extremely naive.  Never trust anyone when it comes to money ( and your wife ).

They'll all be wanting bailed out of course, I hope they get f**k all. Harsh but they are adults.

Looks like we are seeing the start of some kind of collapse..............

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Is 3.9% pa for 1-year bond too good to be true?  Although, 8%pa for 3 years certainly is, and I guess they structured it so that they can survive for at least a couple of years.

This does look like outright Ponzi fraud but I can see how people would have been fooled.  Hope the directors get locked up.

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