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Happens a fair bit.  Often they disappear for a few months, no one can find them, and then they resurface and amazingly the party officals now own a sizeable chunk of the company.

Of course, western media wouldn't cover this when china was beyond criticism.  Now I suspect it'll be another way of beating the war drum.

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23 minutes ago, 201p said:

I'd start to think if I was Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, I'd maybe looking over my shoulder a little bit more.

I'd expand on this, Britain might be the last part of the of the Western world where a billionaire might be still safe. It is a crazy thing to say today, if said a few years ago. Boris has at least put up a small show of defiance to the CCP over Hong Kong. 


This exile forecast his disappearance a year ago. 15:00in

He says the power structure being formed has parallels to Germany from 1927.


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Why would someone that likes the lime light be suddenly be "lying low" now? They got to him good.

He got up on stage and pretended to be Michael Jackson. He has also been on stage various times to sing and dance. I haven't seen the footage, but that is probably really cringey. 


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Said before, I'll say it again: jurisdictional risk is about to become very fashionable indeed.

Just because the jurisdictional spread between the cold hard bar of gold in your hand and the numbers on your stocks & shares website supposedly representing your equity investments in a far off land has been negligible within living memory, doesn't mean it can't or won't change.

And of course, any such change will be "gradually, then suddenly". The unravelling social/political consensus in the US is already overtaking the macro unravelling, and I fear will catch out a lot of the "unimaginable/impossible" brigade.

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