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“I’m an inexperienced investor – until I inherited the money from my mother’s estate, I had modest means and very little investment.”

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By the dint of having a little old lady mam, dying in a 3 bedroom London property, you now qualify for the wild n bent world of being a sophisticated investor.

If you earn at least £100,000 a year or have net assets excluding property and pensions of at least £250,000, you can self-certify yourself as a high net worth individual (HNWI) or a ‘sophisticated investor’.

Do you remember signing that but of paper saying you had 100k of liquid assets and understand the risk?

Well, even if you dont, Reg CuntWeasel, ifa n unregulated bonds salesman, has it in his safe.

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2 hours ago, leonardratso said:

"a German-British businessman"

told you not to trust those kraut bastards on the other thread.

Wirecard already tried to build an army and take over the world, luckily they were stopped by some fat welsh blokes singing mining songs in the valleys.

Thought that was South Africa 

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7 hours ago, stokiescum said:

Thought that was South Africa 


6 hours ago, leonardratso said:

might have been, i dunno, i live my life vicariously through tv advertisements.

Wirecard is German.

Total fuckup, which has destroyed German/EU plans of being EU finance hub.

The German regulator tried to arrest an FT journo who wrote about the scam.

Then they fund out that the German regulator was buying shares in Wirecard.

Saffer is


It all went to shit after that article.



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3 hours ago, spunko said:

Why would anyone self register and put that target on their head? bizarre.

They didt tread the small print n dealt with cuntweasel IFA.


Assu ing tgefigures are correct.

6m 2007ish.

Safe, broad investments, yielding 3%-5% on top ofinflation. Easy.

300k/y plus the hosting the odd salesman of year Corp do at40k/pop plus the odd telly series.

Piece of piss.

Nope, got to go for $$$$$$$$$$$$

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