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Auction results


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Here is a good one 


that's from the last auction here:


Not counted exactly but looks about 40% of those properties going into auction are still available.

Yet they try and claim a sale rate of 82%, so the auctioneers must have a different definition of 'sold' than what actually is sold. Perhaps many of them did not reach reserve, but technically whoever bids is a willing buyer.

Although it says London there are properties from all over the country, interesting that BTL for flats only seems to catch a bid at gross yields of 10% or even more.

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1 hour ago, sarahbell said:


90 listings 

32 unsold
20 postponed 
Sold Prior
7 Withdrawn


Ah Pugh Auctions.

Where dreams of properdee welath go to die.

IIRC  Pugh didthe auction of the local old m,anor house.

Exicteid discussion on FB - 1m! 2m! 3M!

When the hamemr fell .... 500k

Its hard to get ready cash i nthe form of a mortagge that will lend on a hosue, unseen/surveyed by the mortgage co.

You are talkig business laons raterh than mortgage.

And when it coems down to it - most people just dont have house sized saving accoutns to make a move.


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