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Internal inspection recommended


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 In my late teens I lived in London for a couple of years. A friend of a flat mate we visited had an interesting taste in decoration. One room in his flat was wallpapered with this very garish wallpaper, it was a dark background with silver and gold glittery stars of different sizes and shapes, quite psychedelic. One of those patterns you could never look at for very long as soon as you saw one star your eyes would be drawn to another. It wasn't very relaxing

The walls were papered with it, and the ceiling and the floor. Can you imagine being drunk with the world spinning around you and then entering that room!!!

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3 hours ago, UmBongo said:

I thought I should start a thread for properties with crazy interior decor.

I'll begin with this overpriced flat:

Check out pics 4,5 & 9!

It's an assault on the senses.



Haha, Do you think they have downsized... from a 16 bed mansion? xD


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On 02/07/2017 at 14:15, One percent said:

I like the way in which, rather than watch the telly they all sit around watching the tumble dryer 

I was thinking the same thing! xD

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Horrified Onlooker
8 hours ago, This Time said:

That's really near me, tempted to try and arrange a viewing.

Please wear a bodycam and share the footage if you do....

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Perusing flats in Norwich at the arse end of the market.

Check out the interior on this one: 1970s retro interior

I think that the same person has been living there for over 45 years or whenever these flats were built (late 1960s or early 70s). Decorated once when brand new and then never again, aside from the new double glazed windows and the bath aid. Check out those tiles in picture 3. B|

I like this flat! :)

However I'm a bit pissed off with the Estate Agent and their lack of info in the description. What floor is it on? Ground, 1st or 2nd? What are the leasehold charges? ¬¬ Why are Estate Agents so shit? If I was shit at my job I would get the sack.

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Get a load of this timewarp flat in a brutalist looking block:


Looks like it hasn't changed much in over 40 years. The new owner will have to source a new toilet seat. And check out that 'sexy' mirrored ceiling in picture 5. xD Shame about those feckin' storage heaters though.

Another timewarp property. A Victorian terraced house that's still going to sell for a lot more than a modernised one in Mr XYY's part of England: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-69422063.html

That boiler in picture 2 looks like it was probably installed when the Queen was just Princess Elizabeth! :)

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