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    • I doubt Brendan will be taking the kids to DisneyLand in Florida this summer. He better not get on a flight that has any chance of going anywhere near American airspace. He'll be arrested on arrival at any American airport over the Harvard incidents. Come on Trump, put in an extradition request. 😊
    • PPE at Oxford and Downing Street awaits. Whilst most around me saw their degree as a chore I enjoyed most of mine which was archaeology and those doing geology also enjoyed their course. They both contained a lot of practical stuff do it wasn't just sitting in the library all day. That makes it sounds like woodwork as being the course for thickies but it wasn't that at all. It was a long time ago (obviously) but as well as the essay writing there was surveying (a couple of chapels), pollen analysis, finds recording, local field trip and one around Europe plus you were required to do four weeks on a dig between your second and third years, I did seven weeks as I enjoyed it. Highly recommended and I was not disadvantaged in going for jobs against others with more relevant degrees because in the real world they weren't actually relevant at all. The woman who had spent three years doing Actuarial Studies thinking that all that tedium would give her an advantage was bang wrong.
    • Sunday With Niall Paterson - Sunday 18 Feb 2018 Yvette Cooper responds to question about Brendan Cox. Brendan has done the right thing.... Cooper abruptly moves conversation on. ...but there is a wider issue. Yes, Yvette I suspect you are right. This from the woman who endlessly ranted, red faced, eyes popping, neck bulging, for breakfast, dinner and tea, about the alleged horrible things said about women by Trump.  
    • thats the problem,no panic i can revert to plan b.a mental health issue might arise once my morgage is paid off..i will have my pound of flesh.one skill i do actualy have is patience.
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